What they looked like on TR – Firetha

Firetha started on Cannith server (May 29, 2012) and had the name Keronna. Keronna moved to Orien server October 9, 2014 and her name was changed to Firetha. Keronna did one TR before switching servers and have done 3 since then. Firetha’s 2 ERs were done in combination with TRs.

TR 1 (Sep 3, 2013): Keronna as a half-elf, 18 cleric/ 2 monk/ 5 epic.

TR 2 (Mar 9, 2015): Firetha as a human, 12 wizard/ 6 monk/ 2 rogue/ 8 epic.

TR 3 (Oct 5, 2015): I forgot to take a screenshot before this TR, so this is the after picture from the previous TR. Firetha as a drow, 20 sorcerer/ 8 epic.

TR 4 (Dec 2, 2016): Firetha as a human, 20 wizard.

Right now: Right now Firetha is kind of stuck in her latest TR, trying to get to 20 to do another TR. The reason for the slow TR is because I don’t really make time for her, but play her maybe once a month. This is after picture from the last TR.

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