EEraids 16 – a failure

Sometimes hosting a raid can be really hard. I started hosting raids back in 2012, because I didn’t see the raids I wanted to run on the lfm. Not when I wanted to run them anyway. Over the years, each time a new raid comes out.. I try to join someone else’s runs a few times to learn the raid before I start hosting my own. Often I also try to join a few different groups to see different tactics and I come up with my own tactics based on what I learned. I do adjust the tactics with time, and I allow ppl in my groups to suggest changes to my tactics, even though I may be hesitant to change at first. Sometimes change is good, other times what works for one group may not work for another. I have to pick tactics for a specific run based on the skill level and abilities of the party members.

Anyway, this week I posted for EE Deathwyrm as normally. Someone convinced me to let them join, even though it was their first time. It’s not really an issue for me that someone is new, as long as they don’t become a liability, as long as they can keep up, kill stuff and follow instructions. In a raid like Deathwyrm it can be rather tricky though. We had some problems. The way up til the end fight was ok, we ended up doing red light/ green light room, and Jedli said to me in guild chat “we’re low on dps”, which I could already tell from the time it took us to beat down the ragers in red light/ green light. Getting to the end fight, my rager guy was afk, another had entered late and was dead in red light/ green light. The only one sturdy enough to take ragers was the new guy.

I’m always up for a challenge, but this was already starting off bad. New guy get the ragers’ aggro and falls down… other guy comes back and grabs them and then goes and gets the two ppl that are missing. Jedli has dragon, and I told everyone else to focus on killing trash and death lords until we have everyone back up. This alone is a challenge and ppl die. We struggle onwards and some how get the shadows to spawn. First attempt on shadow side, me, Ero and Lob go in, I get into portal and dragon side wipes and we get kicked out from shadow side. We get ppl back up, lob goes in, then I and me and Lob continue until we actually manage to finish shadow side and get the shards.

Ppl are dying, and I tell one guy that I’m gonna stop raising him, as he’s getting one shotted. Soon after I realise he’s not the only one dying way too easily. Jedli struggles with the dragon, while trash is spawning all around, and we’re failing to kill it. I’m trying to do too much, each time I stop actively healing the two melees I’m baby sitting, they die. I can sense ppl are getting tired, as I see ppl piking instead of helping out.. I’m getting frustrated. The dragon is down to about 4% when we almost wipe, all except for Solertis who manages to get us all to the shrine to regroup. Ppl’s gear is broken, we wait for everyone’s death penalties to go away and then head back in. The problem is that the dragon is running rampage, and with the death lords all up, Jedli is unable to get dragon’s aggro. Instead she aggros on the melees that are trying to kill the death lords, and they die quickly. I get aggro, and go and hide behind the corner, with a keeper ghost shooting at me (which isn’t really bothering me much). At this point I’m not aware of who’s doing what, as I can’t move from the corner without getting shot at by the dragon.

Solertis did a really good job of getting all of our stones to the shrine, too bad that it didn’t solve the situation…

Then… the dragon dies. Since she’s not in center on the rocks, and no one was ready on the levers to zap her… she got back up with a bunch of hp. At that point I called it. We were tired and defeated, and there was no way we would be able to re-prep her with all the death lords around.

This time, we did not work as a team, and at least some of the ppl who joined were not able to carry the weight put on their shoulders. I have had easy runs, I have had hard runs… it all depends on how well we’re working together, how much the members are contributing, how much dps we have and how self sufficient ppl are. I believe in my party members, if they believe in themselves, but this does bite me in the ass at times. I don’t make the right choices, I decided to short man with a weak group. This was shame on me. Each week I do my best at balancing my trust in ppl vs what the team needs for a successful run. Part of the blame should be put on me, but part of it on the ppl who join and fail to live up to the expectations.

Anyway. After the awful run, I wasn’t in any mood to do any more EE raids, instead I posted for eN MoD for completions. I had a nice flow of ppl joining, and managed to get all the runs I needed for my 20th on Thaz, and she got her diadem.

Thaz got her 60th completion and picked up the diadem, which will give her temp +2 dc to her spells

On Sunday I wanted to raid. Jedli, Stitchz and Halastor/ Diesuke joined me and we did (with pug) eH citw, eN Deathwyrm, eN Fotp, EE FoT, EE LoB, elite ToD… and then a quick EE von 5-6 (diesuke had to leave after tod). I ran Thaz in LoB, Cerge in ToD, and Firetha in the other raids. We had pretty good and fun runs. 🙂

I died once in EE LoB from getting mowed down by LoB while I was focused on other things.

That is all for this time. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day


3 comments on “EEraids 16 – a failure

  1. I’ve learned much on the basics of this raid from your videos. Thankfully all I’ve joined in have been successful. Sounds like you were plagued by some who don’t coordinate well or were ill-prepared for EE level. You never seen at a lack to give your all to the effort, however. ‘Till next time.

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