Being an air ellie is fun

So, as you may know, I decided to turn Firetha into a dc caster air savant some weeks ago. I was leveling her with Darth, and after we hit 20 I went on to flag for raids, while Darth TR’d again. I’ve never played an air savant before, and I didn’t know that the capstone literally turns you into an air elemental. That’s just awesome, lol. And I learned that air ellies don’t need to breathe under water.

So, I was running amrath quests elite at level and they were strangely easy. I remember when amrath used to scare me because you’d hit red alert instantly when the mobs spawned and then everything got really tough. But back then I was a healbot, and tried my best to keep everyone alive, without dying myself. Now I would just mass hold most things and kill them in 1-2 hits with chain lightning.

The other day I solo’d Wraith of Flames and was surprised at how easy it was.. and then went on to The Weapons Shipment. In the latter I ended up potting, as the battle goes on and on, and I was in there alone until almost the end (I had an lfm up).

After this I jumped on an lfm for EE Lords of Dust and stayed with the group through the chain. The group was lvl 21-24, and even though I had expected my toon to be the weakest in the group (recently lvl 21 with only ok gear), I managed to hold/ dance some and kill some. What I enjoyed more was the fact that this group was not full of elitist douchebags, it was a group of ppl just enjoying the game, and accepting that everyone’s not perfect. We had one higher level person join us for spinner, and one for Beyond the rift.

The character levels were: me 21, Cynthiaswill 24, Thehiddenone 21, Willgibb 22, Bluehealz 21 (don’t know what Gawdy was)

I took 22 before Spinner, Buorlin was 23 and Blacksoulinc 27.

The end portal for Beyond the Rift is bugged, btw. After entering the end fight there is no going back.. so if someone gets left behind and dies, there is no way to get them… unless you d-door and run from the start… which is quite a long run.

That’s all from me for this time. Ty for stopping by and have a great day.


6 comments on “Being an air ellie is fun

  1. Hi Thaz,
    being in elemental form does give you a couple benefits that are not listed in the description of elemental apotheosis.
    You are also immune to paralysis, poison (now you can laugh about poison spellwards) and stunning (this includes spells like symbol of stunning or PWS).

    Be aware there’s one annoying bug though. Everytime you die while in elemental form, you lose all it’s benefits, even though the toggle and the visual appearance stay on. You can easily tell by looking at your fortification. So when you die you have to toggle the apotheosis off and back on to get back into elemental form, which costs spellpoints, making it extra annoying.

    Cheers, Eth

    • 🙂 Good stuff, thank you. Yes, I noticed the animation went away at one point, didn’t realise I lost the effects too, definitely something I need to pay attention to.

      • Interesting. In the last screenie the visual appearance is indeed gone, despite the toggle being on.

        I noticed for earth elemental and fire elemental form you can get rid of the appearance by casting stoneskin or barksin and letting the buff wear off (by entering a quest for example), but still keep the actual elemental apotheosis.
        On other people’s screens you may still look like an elemental if you do this.

        I never found a way to get rid of the appearance in air elemental form though.
        If you find a way to do that reliably, let me know.

        As someone with a dozen cosmetic armors I can’t stand the air elemental look. 😀

      • 🙂 I kind of liked the visual effects, even though I was worried it would add to lag. I will do some testing, though, and see what removes it… my guess is dying, lol (I had some issues with animated armors in Beyond the Rift).

      • A quick test showed me what I guesses… dying removes the effects of savant/ capstone and the visual effects as well.

        I switched out quicken because I was told “you don’t need quicken on a sorc”… but when I’m trying to put up a disco boll, and it fails, it kind of sucks.

        🙂 I started running the estar quests EE, and the sorc is still doing pretty well. I was even able to catch some of the drow with disco for a little while 🙂

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