Healer priorieties

My latest post Clerics donโ€™t melee in epics! got lost in the stream of new posts, so I’m making a short post to clarify a few things. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a list of healer priorities I feel any healer should follow. If you’re straying from them, you need to let the people you’re running with know, or only play with people who know your priorities.

1. Stay alive. This means, avoid putting yourself in situations where you are likely to get killed. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, and that’s ok, but if you are the only healer, you shouldn’t run off and kill yourself in the traps. Let the tank or rogue do that. Also, running away is completely allowed if you start taking damage. You can’t help the party if you’re dead.

2. Keep a constant eye on everyone’s hp-bars. If someone’s taking damage, try your best to throw them a cure/ heal/ mass cure/ mass heal. You can also carry “harm” for PM’s if you like (not usually expected, but I like being able to heal pm’s as well).

3. Do damage in any way you can, as long as you’re not getting in over your head. Melee, cast spells, whatever. But avoid wasting all your mana on offensive casting, because you’ll most likely need it for heals.

Other things that a lot of people expect of healers are buffs and removals. Of course, this is a personal choice, but I carry all buffs as spells and removals on wands. Having one wand with 50 charges for any need doesn’t cost me much, but means I’m prepared for any situation. Scrolls of greater restoration are a bit more expensive, but I carry them as well.

I also carry 200 scrolls of heal, 100 scrolls of cure mod mass and 40 scrolls of resurrection. I was told I need the heal scrolls for shroud. But, I have also been told to avoid over healing. I use a superior ardor VI clickie for all my cures/ heals, and my most common mass is cure mod mass with empower heal and quicken. I only use mass heal if the melees hp-bars drop to 50% or less. I melee to save mana and DoT in boss fights, if I’m not having to spend all my mana on heals. If I do have to use scrolls, then usually the party is already in trouble, because they’re sucking up my mana (i.e. taking too much damage). ๐Ÿ™‚

And yeah, I like to block and tumble as well ๐Ÿ™‚ You can cast spells/heals while blocking, and blocking also tells you when you need to get out of dodge + up’s your survivability.

TC and see you around Orien or Cannith.

8 comments on “Healer priorieties

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ lol. But your main’s a monk, right? Playing party healer and running a melee is very different ๐Ÿ™‚ And monks are tough ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I’ve pretty much followed the priorities you mention here. Here’s my question: when you go in a quest with at least a couple people you’ve not ran before, do you tell them your priorities, or just go for it?

    I’ve had cases (especially when at lower levels…just got my cleric to level 16 with the stone of experience and am a bit overwhelmed atm) where players either rage quit or had some rude comment if I didn’t keep them fully healed ALL the time. In one of the quests, the player did both – even though I kept him alive the entire time (one or people did die, but got them to Res shrines since I didn’t have Res yet).

  4. ๐Ÿ™‚ Experienced players only expect you to keep them alive, anything else is bonus (so, no I donโ€™t usually tell people my priorities, but the quote on my profile is what I said at the start of epic Bargain of blood). Newbies, and especially those who’ve never played a healer before, might complain about a range of things. You can only try your best. I did, though, after getting tired of complaining zergers, add a list of rules to Thazara’s bio. Something like: 1. I can’t heal you if you’re out of reach. 2. I can’t heal you if you’re blocked. 3. I can’t heal you if you leave me to fight alone 4. I am not a hire and will not tail you. I will follow the party, but I am not that fast and if the party splits I have to pick who to follow. 5. I can’t heal stupid. 6. If you complain about me not healing you because of 1-4, you will only make me angry and most likely be blacklisted.

    Advice on playing a lvl 16 healer? 1. use superior ardor clickes. 2. don’t over heal – use your superior ardor clickie to buff your heals/ cures and pick the smallest cure you can, that heals the player to 100% (will save you a lot of mana). 3. avoid aggro. Some people like to run through bb with monsters on their tail, but the thing is, when you get aggro it’s hard to heal the party. Only fight if 1. you can quickly take out the foe without taking damage or 2. someone else is keeping aggro (or the foe is unable to attack you because e.g. Otto’s).

    Learning to play a healer efficiently and to be more than a healbot takes time and practice. It’s actually one of the (imo) most difficult roles to play. Some people expect to be able to heal shroud just because they suddenly have a high enough healer toon. Don’t go into shroud until you’ve successfully played party healer in quests lvl 17 (preferably elite, but lvl 15-16 elite works too). ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck and don’t forget to have fun.

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  6. @Micki: Well, that certainly makes me feel better. I do try my best to keep everyone alive or at least restore them to that state. I like the idea of adding the list of rules to Aeylya’s bio…I think I just might do that (hope you don’t mind). ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will keep your advice in mind when I see about running some more quests with my cleric – sounds like good advice.

    No worries, I don’t plan to head to shroud in the near future…need more practice first. At least I’ve run Shroud with my Paladin, so I know what to expect (I suspect it would be rather challenging to run Shroud for the *very* first time as a Cleric).

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