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My main, Thazara. I’m very proud of her and she kicks butt imo. But she’s still under geared, and I haven’t picked a gs item yet. I have posted about her gear before, but here I’m listing it once more:

Armor: Blue Dragonscale Robe/ Robe: deathblock, heavy fort
Head: Crystal cove hat (archmagi, concentration+15)/ Minos legends
Neck: Alchemist’s Pendant
Trinket: Greater Cunning Trinket
Cloak: Magewright’s Cloak
Belt: Greater false life
Gloves: Epic Brawling Gloves tier 2
Boots: striding+30%/ feather fall, balance+10
Bracers: Ethereal bracers
Goggles: Time-sensing
Ring1: Wis+6
Ring2: Epic Ring of the Buccaneer tier 2
Shield: Epic Swashbuckler (Light) tier 2
Main hand: Epic Ornamented Dagger tier3/ Epic Brigand’s Cutlass (Scimitar) tier 2

Tomes eaten/ read so far: con+2, cha+2, wis+1. These are the only ones I’ve found. Hoping for some +3 ones.

Thaz is healer/ caster with melee fallback, but as some of you have read she melees quite well in epics with her scimitar and buckler (even though her dps isn’t great, I see nice numbers, and I’ve seen foes stunned by the buckler even in epics). She keeps the dagger in hand when healing and spell casting, and the scimitar when meleing. She needs her con, wis, cha, str and dex items. She uses the time-sensing goggles for haste any time she’s meleing.

Items I would like:
Epic Goggles of Time-Sensing (+2 exceptional wis, 5x haste, colorless and yellow augment slot)
Cannith Boots of Propulsion
Bracers of the Glacier
and perhaps

The problem with the skiver is, that I most likely would forget to use the sp on it before switching to one of my superior ardor VI clickies and hence lose the sp (unless I already have the ardor clicke equipped when entering a quest).

I’m up in 6 shroud completions, 2 fails in part 5 and 1 where we only got to part 3. I have yet to decide on a gs blank.

Thank you for reading and see you around Orien or Cannith.

P.S. My myddo mailbox is broken, but if you want to get in touch, you can reach me on: (as Thazara ofOrien). Yeah, I could have added empty spaces in the email to “fool” bots, but you know, bots are pretty smart now-a-days, so it really doesn’t make too much of a difference πŸ™‚ Actually, signing up for stuff probably gives you more junk mail, than posting it online.


16 comments on “Gear gear gear

  1. You can never go wrong with a GS sp conc op goggle on a divine. Takes care of your +6 wisdom item as well. I’d link one but the site’s down. Just make sure not to do anything silly like put a useless wiz VI on it.

  2. πŸ™‚ I thought you couldn’t get any +6 stats on gs?

    Everyone I’ve spoken to has said no to the epic time-sensing. But I ask, why not? Any other item that has 5x haste, +2 exceptional wis and 2 augment slots? Ok, I could get haste pots, but I like to (in epics) turn on aura, press my hot keys for divine favor and power, jump in with the melees and with one button press haste us all.

  3. You can get some +6 stats on a GS item but not all. On the other hand, you can get +9 stats on a GS weapon.

    Also, swapping Minos Legens in and out doesn’t work as well as it seems it should. You are better off either just wearing it, or discarding it and finding heavy fort in another slot. πŸ™‚

  4. Honestly there are so many options I would recommend focusing on one thing, get it right and then move on. Otherwise you can end up tripping over yourself and farming/making gear that overlaps and you’ve wasted ingredients effort.

    That being said, heavy fort should always go onto something you never swap out. Personally heavy fort on armor in an epic slot or as part of dragontouched armor.

    But definitely, one step at a time.

  5. πŸ™‚ I like minos for the +20hp. I have a heavy fort belt, but in most quests I like minos, so I put it on after mass buffing for 200 sp. This is why it ticks me off is the party doesn’t wait for my buffs… I’m not moving one step until I’ve put on minos. And I want my time-sensing goggles πŸ™‚

    I only have one item with an epic augment slot, the dagger. The skiver is not as good as the dagger, so I would only need the skiver for archmagi. The glacier bracers would also be good.

    πŸ™‚ I’m just a bit at a loss as to what gear to go for at this point. I still haven’t run all the quests I want to run for favor, and I’ve yet to run HoX and VoD. I have planned to start doing eDA regularly, though, for tokens and for the time-sensing goggles πŸ™‚

    Mostly the gear thing gives me a headache and I just want to have fun. πŸ™‚ I like running quests that are challenging (but not too hard), which epics have been. But planning gs? Well I need to know what else I would use, before making a blank. I do need to make it, though, before my 20th run XD

    Oh, you can still craft a gs item after it has been cleansed, can’t u?

  6. 1 you can just sit on your cleaning stone until you need it. And you wont until you find room for more then one GS item.

    Your less then great slots are Goggles, cloak, bracers, shield(not that you can make a GS shield), neckless (but it is saved for a Torc/tod set i think).

    My first (t3) GS item was a sp/cordOp item that i still use on Samius. But idk if you want to make that first or an HP item. I am betting that a min2 item will be more helpful fot you then the SP right away.

    Something you need to think about is possible swap slots. You don’t want to make this uber Hp/fort/ac min2 item just to swap it in and out all the time.

    While looking at GS grafting keep those thoughts in mind. Also don’t make anything until after the mod. Never know what new item will make you want to change your layout.

    Oh and your hat and robe do most of the important things a skiver can do, save tome pages for other alts that aren’t so luckly.

  7. I have made plue 9 con googles/with a rez clicky… And the Falchion/blogged about. Yesterday I made the first for my Flogge/dwarven bard, soulmate/wink… He is going to have a set of the goggles/and dwarven war axes/wink….

    Was advised to play with the green steel planner/which is at perfectnet… just check the address tag/wink. You can play around with the items/weapons and different effects/even planning double sharded third tiers. Also was advised not to be worried about mistakes/everyone makes them.

    When working with grn steel the order of placement in the device is very important. Never buy items out of the auction/its just smarter to farm them as you help others get flagged/salute.

    You can have up to 3 grn steel items/but it is advisable to only wear one/and have weapons. The negative effects are not bad/you can wear it and cleanse it later/wink… weapons do not give negative effects like the worn items. For Adnora’s third item, I am planning a longbow/for non landing mobs that are upcoming….

  8. I have the minos/and a full fort pirate hat/but still keep my heavy fort belt incase of switchouts/never know when a great drop might change up your stat plan/wink…

    The pirate hat was passed to the cleric/as all of Adnora’s bound to account items… tend to end up on her.

  9. I consistently make +45 HP conc opp goggles, with boosts to CON skills on 1st and 3rd tiers. These give you +6 WIS, freeing up a ring slot. Once I start doing ToD, I usually have an Amarath con +6 belt on once the character starts running ToD, often Knosts or Vorne’s (And I get the Ardor 8 clicky belts on a healer, too.) I’m usually wearing at least 1 ToD ring with 20% healing added. The +6 stat of the ring depends on what I’m doing. Sometimes I’m wearing a second ToD ring, and if I am, I have exceptional CON or WIS on it.

    I’ve heard varying stories on how conc opp/torc triggering is or is not going to be changed with the expansion or update 15. As it stands now, though, if you are putting yourself in situations where you are getting hit and you can self-heal, it is totally worth it to consider a torc of Prince Raiyum/conc opp combo going on. The reason is it puts you in a situation where you can use the trash to refill your mana bar. This makes gear that lowers your metamagics cost less relevant, because you can get mana back whenever you have monster aggro.

    I LOVE Bracers of the Glacier. It’s the standard use of the bracers slot that I keep going back to. It gets a little competition from the Bracelet of Madness from HoX, now, too. The thing is, over time, you will just get more gear on a character, and options will change. Then it won’t be just one set of gear, but multiple variations depending on what you are doing (kiting vs. tanking vs DPS vs dedicated healing).

    I’ve also gotten the lecture in the past couple days that I should craft or plan anything until the expansion comes out. πŸ˜› But that’s no fun!

  10. IIRC, you can get “toughness” (like on the Minos) in an epic crystal slot (yellow? I think), and heavy fort can be on just about anything – I like putting it on my Crystal Cove pirate hat.

    But that’s me…

  11. πŸ™‚ ty guys for ur replies.

    πŸ™‚ I believe I will NOT make gs goggle. XD LOL. Everyone’s saying goggles are good for a cleric, and many people are making gs goggles, so if for no other reason, I want to protest, and get my haste goggles πŸ™‚
    I could swap out the cloak, though.

    The necklace, btw, is +6con, +1 turn undead (which brings my total to 11, which sometimes can be too little since I use bursts a lot), and +20 hp (which I learned is the same as tier 3 gs).

    I guess, I will just leave the gs for now. I will continue running shroud and collecting this and that, and then see what I want to make. I have 2 shards of power, 1 shard of great power and 2 shards of supreme power (would have had 3, but I gave one away during our guild shroud run).

    Maybe I should just make a hp belt?

    What should I add to the augment slot on the ornamented dagger?

  12. Micki, I’ll mail you a wis+2 if I can find it.
    skiver will take you a long grind, but it’s super awesome (got it on my fvs before TRing, it put me in the poor house!).

  13. πŸ™‚ that would be awesome, dea. But atm she’s at an even wis, with 2 wis enhancements. I would need to redo the enhancements to either 1 or 3 to get even wis.

  14. I did not buy the expansion, though, btw. And am not planning to. I am vip, and that’s about the amount of money I want to spend on ddo. I only bought tp to greater reincarnate Thazara, because she was horrible to play and she had at lvl 11 unlocked the 32p build, and I wanted to continue collecting favor with her.

  15. GS weapons = bonus to STATS.
    GS items = bonus to SKILLS.

    However, a Concordant Opposition item will, as part of the first-tier (neg/positive) bonus, include Wisdom +6.

    Make it your goggles, and you can do a quicky switch with the time-sensing goggles for the haste clicky without losing *too* terribly much (other than SP, but a few hits should get that back).

    You could also do a cheap two-tier air/air GS item for the haste clicky – It will only have 3 charges instead of 5 like the epic time-sensing, but each one will last 6 seconds longer (CL 16 on the GS vs. CL 15on the Chrono goggles). Probably *far* easier to get.

    Cannith Boots of Propulsion are fairly easy to get if you have the package – even my gimpy hagglebard can solo to that optional on hard (granted, she can put the dogs to sleep while dealing with the master, and then take out the dogs one at a time…) However, a cleric shouldn’t find it too difficult to get up a party to go boot-hunting if you can’t get ’em on your own.

    Another alternative – make the goggles your HP item (with the alchemist pendant, you can get away with just the first couple of GS tiers, at least to start), since your aura will quickly regen any lost HP from switching to clickies (you may even be able to make HP/haste item so you don’t have to deal with it) when you get a cleansing stone. I’m not sure what of your gear you need (or think you need, which amounts to the same thing) for whatever reason – hotel internet is VERY bad ATM and I can’t really look stuff up lol – but you may well be able to move stuff around, especially if you make a conc-op item and then try for a ToD ring – any ToD ring! – to fill the hole (A STR ring, and make conc-op gloves instead of brawling, for instance).

    …I have no idea how disjointed this may or may not be, since I wrote it in between fighting with the lousy hotel wifi and dealing with other interruptions. So I hope I made at least SOME kind of sense *g*

    But basically: GS Conc-op item (which provides WIS +6, freeing up the ring slot, which may free up another slot with either a ToD ring or another stat); two-tier GS HP item (until you get a ToD necklace; two-tier GS air/air item for the haste clicky instead of epic Chrono goggles (may be the same item; should certainly at least be the same TYPE of item, on an aura-y cleric)

    Oh! There’re 2-3 ToD belts with CON +6 & Greater False Life; I’d suggest looking into getting one of those (some may be easier getting from the flagging quests than the actual raid, but even in the raid, it shouldn’t be too many runnings until one pops in the chest that nobody wants).

    (My apologies if this hits twice… *kicks hotel wifi*)

  16. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the info, suggestions, I will take them into consideration.

    Why is it that everyone says goggles? Is it because the goggles are the easiest to make?

    I could start by making the base ingredients for the gs item; toil and maybe taper… and see what I have.

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