Sort of a meh night

Saturday’s Thazara’s night. I run Thazara on Saturdays.. and well usually Sundays as well. I log kinda late and first spend some time doing inventory. So I want to run Shroud. Thazara usually runs one weekly Shroud on Saturdays. I see one on the lfm, but they’re doing multiple raids, so I put up my own for hard, and a couple of ppl join. Then I get a tell from the other group, if I don’t want to join them instead. Sure, me and the other two join and a guildie who had asked me to save him a spot.

I think the party leader was the same one who led my first VoD. He’s a pretty good leader, even though his toon’s rather squishy. We go in on elite 🙂 I’m not worried, since the party leader thinks we have enough dps and heals. In part 3 we get stuck on a 5×5 puzzle, I go in and am unsure about if they want me to do it or not. I mean I love doing the puzzles, but I don’t want to mess it up if someone is already solving. Someone was solving, but stopped, so I continued, he then pressed on something and I had to more or less start over.. and then the rainbow came up. Party leader tells me to put on divine intervention, and I do, but also tell him “I’m almost done”. My heart’s racing like crazy, but a few clicks, puzzle’s solved and me and the other person water the fountains and we’re done! XD

I have been wanting to do elite shroud for a while, and I wasn’t disappointed in my toon. She’s got pretty good saves (for a cleric), she’s unbuffed at 519 hp, with some buffs way over 600 (See her stats in shroud here). Other healers were an fvs at 300 something hp, and the same amount of sp as me (2011 with the sun soul belt and ship buffs) and a bard. I was just healing away but people started dying. I’m like “what the hell happened?” Fvs’s still standing though, but drop in round 3. Left are, I think are our fighter, a wizard, arti, ranger and me. I’m doing my best at healing, and DoTing a little, but I manage to get aggro and get hit a few times. I believe we get to round 4 when I manage to drop and left are a wizard and arti (I might be completely getting this wrong, so if any of my co-runners read this, you’re welcome to correct me). Wizard drop and arti is alone with Harry. Doesn’t take long and it’s a wipe. Apparently harry was down to 30-40% Which is still pretty much for one person.

So, we lose a few people, among them the arti and a ranger, but they get replaced and we go in on hard this time. I feel like it takes us longer than last time to take down the portals in phase one, but phase two is a lot smoother. First run we had to do it 4 times because the killing was off. This run we only did it once. In phase 3 I again get to help someone with a 5×5 🙂 I’m pretty pleased with my puzzle solving skills XD

We get to phase 4 and people are discoing alike crazy. See pic:

Shroud disco

I’m bit fuzzy on the details, but people died. And at some point I was getting hit a lot, and several times got close to dropping. You know, if you want the healer to heal the melee, you don’t want the healer to have aggro. Well I didn’t. The raid leader who was a sorcerer was using me as a shield. And then he was asking for heals. I was too busy trying to figure out where everyone was and who to heal. There basically was only one melee on Harry. I save myself from the brink of dropping at least 2 times, but then I drop. The fvs and bard had dropped a lot earlier. Left were only a fighter and a wizard. They got Harry to 5%. Then the fighter drops and soon after the wizard. Bleh. Second wipe. After which almost everyone leaves.

I see an lfm for elite shroud, I join, but since no one else was joining, the leader decides not to wait. So no Shroud completion for Thazara.

Instead I log with Jarvanna and me and Xenaya run Freshen the Air, Chamber of Insanity and Archer Point Defense elite. I was telling Xenaya, that I don’t think we’ll be able to duo the quests, but I was very much mistaken. Runs went very smoothly. In Chamber of insanity I was using the druid DoT spell Creeping Cold on the wraths and the boss. Worked really nicely. But oh, tell me, how is it possible that I’m able to use potions of lesser restoration like a spell? I was able to cast it on Xenaya to remove ability damage? But they’re potions?

Here’s the party in Archer Point defence:


In the back you have a summon lion and wolf, then from the left: Xenaya, hireling Arias Oreth, Jarvanna and hireling Kendra Estleton.

Ok, ty for reading. See you around.
Peace out.

6 comments on “Sort of a meh night

  1. Some potions have a ‘spout’ I think it tells you when you tooltip over them. Any potion with a ‘spout’ can be administered to a party member. I think rem paralysis, rem curse, rem blindness and restorataion are the ‘spout’ potions. Oh and they do not work ever iuf they are guild vendor potions only if they are loot or normal potion vendor potions.
    Sorry shroud went badly for you. I can’t comment much about raids though. Was the leader giving much direction on who should hit what or was it a herding cats moment?

  2. 😦 feels like such a waste when you spend so much time doing something then have to give it up. I was once in xorian cipher for over 2 hours and had to give it up.

    I was never aware of ‘spout’ potions, good to know 😀

  3. @Dom Ok, didn’t know that. 🙂 Well, no, he wasn’t giving directions, but I don’t think it was his fault that we failed. Party just wasn’t strong enough. I’m actually always worried when Thazara’s among the highest hp after the fighters. I would personally not take people with under 400 hp into an elite shroud (or hard for that matter), but I trusted that this leader knew wheat he was doing. Nice people, though. In our hard run, the leader told me “I’m hiding behind you because I can’t take more than one hit”. Well usually when you get aggro you get at least 3 fireballs to the face, so you need a good amount of hp to not drop.

    In the elite run, if the fighter had told me he ran out of fire resist close to the end, I could have thrown him one. I noticed a huge difference in healing – suddenly he was taking a lot of damage and I said over voice “I can’t keep you healed”. When I’m healing a raid, I’m always on the strongest melee. If you’re not melee, you’re on your own, unless melees are doing really well and I have time to target you.

    @legend yes I agree. 🙂 I like Xorian, though.

    🙂 Here’s a little classist comment from me. Clerics tend to make better healers than fvs. I have seen some really good healer fvs, but I’ve seen even more bad ones. Fvs don’t remember to heal themselves and not always the party either. Clerics tend to be more focused on healing, and the aura is a huge benefit – it keeps you healed unless you get hit for a lot. Bursts also help a lot. But then again, there are probably a lot more healbot clerics then there are healbot fvs.

  4. Yeah my FVS isn’t working out as well as I hoped, I forget to buff, I forget to heal and even tho he is built as a melee fvs his dps seems poor compared to a ftr/brb or rgr of same level.
    If you guys didn’t love your chars so much he would be headed down the delete drain! I think I do not have the right mindset for divines! Too selfish I guess lol!

  5. My Favored Souls are basically tanks that churn out enough mana from conc opp that they can keep themselves alive indefinitely. I’m really straightforward about pt 4 Shroud and explicitly say it when I’m hosting – I’ll be in the middle with Harry casting mass heals targeted on me until the blades close in, then I will give a heads up when I’m dropping out. I’m always really straightforward about healing the many, not individuals, and players need to take responsibility for being where the heals are.

    I mean, I never play healbots – early days playing cured me of that – and I’m pretty dispassionate about spot healing when someone isn’t performing a designated role like tanking Horoth or fascinating trash in VoN6. I put the responsibility of people making their characters viable, you know, on them. Healers will go crazy if they have to be responsible for every toon that can’t survive a 1-shot or holding aggro for a cooldown.

    But, my point was going to be, if you’re really interested in DPS, yeah, a DPS FvS is never going to have the same numbers as a well-built melee or TWF rogue. FvS are hard to beat in survivability, though.

    While I love FvS, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a project underway with my guildmates to create a raid party of 12 battle clerics so we can experiment with stacking all those auras as we hack at things. Should be fun!

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