Working on the ED’s

I wanted to do a short blog about Maidae. Maidae is a barbarian this life, and my plan is to level her to 28 then ETR+TR just like I did with Cerge. But on the way I’d like to cap all her ED’s, and maybe work on some gear. I need some more pdk favor before I can upgrade her CitW gear. Today I spent most of the day running stuff for xp (and CoV’s), and slowly she’s capping her last ED’s. I believe I’m missing just over 200k xp to cap the last ED’s, and then I’m missing a bunch to level to 28. She’s currently level 26, almost 27.

I am getting tired of playing low dps toons. I know I gave up some dps on Maidae for evasion. I can’t wait til I’m done with the ED’s so I can run just in her best one, which I would think will be LD. Since Maidae has UMD, today when questing, I used scrolls of gh, true seeing, stoneskin and tenser’s transformation (I’ve found a love for this spell), I used my displace clickies, frenzy, death frenzy and cocoon before hitting rage. My displacement (dragonmark of shadow) lasts longer than my rage. I do need to have another look at my enhancements and ED points, to try and max her dps. I am, though, tired of the squishiness of being a barbarian. She might hit a lot harder as a barbarian than what she did as a monk, but she takes so much more damage, that I’m in trouble when I’m surrounded, unless I have someone constantly healing me. I don’t particularly like it.

Okidoke. That’s all for now. Have a great day and see you around.

P.S. If you missed it, I made another blitz video the other day.


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