Running the TRs

As I have said before, the game keeps changing. I keep changing as a player. I have goals and wants (like past lives) but I don’t enjoy leveling. When I first leveled Thaz I hated zergers, or disliked them strongly. I wanted ppl to not leave me behind. I don’t mind a good pace, as long as the party doesn’t leave me behind. Well, things have changed. I have become the TR zerger. If I lfm, I solo a quest, and let others tag along and help if they want, if it is a quest I know well. Spawn of Whisperdoom I for example didn’t know at all, so I let my party lead, and I just followed. Was a smooth run anyway.

I haven’t TR’d/ leveled that many toons. A total of 4 TR’s done, a total of 6 toons leveled to 20, 2 more on their way. But I know many ppl who’ve TR’d so much, that I’m embarrassed to run lowbie quests and not know them, or not know what or how to run for the fastest xp. I’ve been looking at the lfm, checking if anyone is running anything were I could just tag along, but there has been very little. I’ve solo’d some, just because it’s faster than waiting for a pug, but I have also run a lot with Osi and Luri. Both Osi and Luri have TR’d A LOT. Osi has 20+ past lives on his main, Luri I have no idea. He’s at least done completionist, how much more I do not know, but he TR’s all the time. Both of them are also premium players so rely on TP.

I used to hate the zerger who leaves me behind. Running with Osi, he usually solo’s the quest and I run after him if I can find him. lol! But I refuse to pike, I want to kill some stuff, so I usually break boxes and kill off trash while Osi does the main part of the quest. Yesterday Osi was busy with high end stuff while I wanted to run Maidae (lvl 14). I joined a group running elite gh walkups. I basically entered one quest, they finished it, then said they were going to take 16 and continue with the lvl 14 quests. I was told I was welcome to stay, but I felt like they were too much ahead of me, I was still a good bit away from 15, and I wanted to run the lvl 13’s, so said ty and dropped to do my own lfm.

I was joined by someone who had just TR’d into a bladeforged, so he was fresh off TR and hadn’t run anything yet. I told him I had been in the other group but that they were going too fast for me, and he said he understood, lol. One more person joined and we ran a couple of the lvl 13’s elite, at a good pace, but not too fast for me (too fast means some caster zergs to end and finishes while I’m still at entrance). After they left Luri joined me and took control of what we were running, which I appreciated him for. Don’t know if his style is the best possible, but he knows how to farm for xp. And with his boosted bb’s (fvs), he zerged the quests for us, and we got many runs done quickly. I think he said eeehn. That’s what we did. After a while I was getting pretty tired so I was more piking than helping, but it was fine. I was 1 rank from 16 when I decided to stop for the night.

Normally it takes me months to get to 20 after a TR, since I don’t like running heroic content. Maidae will most likely be my fastest TR so far. I’m wanting to get Maidae and Jarvanna to 20 asap, so I can get the free ETR hearts for them (vip).

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Ty for reading and have a wonderful day.

P.S. OnMouseOver for pic info

P.P.S. Yes, the game is becoming less and less newbie friendly. If you don’t know where to go, you most likely end up being left behind. I’ve more than once had someone drop my group because they were lost. Well, if we’re xp farming, we’re not really gonna go look for someone that’s lost, are we? I recommend, use wiki, pull up the map.


9 comments on “Running the TRs

  1. I don’t think it’s the game that’s become less newbie friendly, it’s the players. Looking at DDO as it is now, if I were new I’d be able to grasp how to play fairly easily. But the player base would still push me into primarily solo play due to their lack of helpfulness. Elitist players can easily ruin what can be a great and fun game for newbies. But that’s just me. What the hell do I know?

    • The players make the game, though. Turbine makes the game design, but as an mmo the players are the game. Maybe it is Turbines fault for focusing more on end game, I donno.

  2. I left a comment. Doesn’t seem to have posted so I’ll try to remember what it was.

    In my opinion, the game isn’t what’s not friendly to newbies, it’s the elitist players who refuse to slow down to take the time to show the new people how things work. If I were new to DDO today and had just started, I’d find the game fairly easy to pick up and play. But the players? I’d find myself either quitting or purely solo playing the game. I don’t really care if someone’s farming xp and zerging their way through low levels or any quest for that matter. If they’re a dick to a new player simply for them being a new player and not knowing their way around, then that’s what ruins the game for newbies, not the game itself.

    But that’s all just my opinion, I’m an idiot and what the hell do I know?

    • Your first comment got stuck in moderation, that’s why it didn’t show.

      I have no issue with new players, I have an issue with noobish behavior, like asking over an over where the quest is, when they’ve already been told more than once. Or going afk in the middle of an xp farm and I can’t kick them because they’ve left their toon in wilderness. Or like this one guy dropped group cause he couldn’t find his way to Eyes of stone, after we’d already told him we’re still in Plaza (he ran the first two quests in the chain with us).

  3. Yyy, Luri is so smart: asked me to join at almost the end of madstone and he so zerged all the way to end boss (his style is the best!!) then died ofc.

    Happy Zerg and Happy Kobolds to all.

    • AHha, you guys are TR’n too and I totally forgot!!
      I have a TR’d (Iconic) lvl17 atm.
      Tell me when you are ready to run lvl15 elites 🙂

      • 🙂 this is my 1st 3rd life toon, so donno, but usually I don’t like the lvl 15’s (except litany). Oh, but now we got the shadowfell ones too, hmm…

        Luri and Osi play more hours than I do, so you’ll more likely see them more than me (I normally play 21-00 during week days). Lets see if Luri has the patience to wait for me.

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