Update 19; bugs, lag and wilderness

I finally got a chance to try out the new quests and wildernesses this weekend, with running the Storms Horns on Sat-Sun and Wheloon Prison Sunday. On Saturday I started off by looking for the messages in The Storms Horns, I put up an lfm and got some people to help me out. The scaling in the wilderness is very noticeable, with only as many mobs as I could handle when running solo, while I was quickly overwhelmed by the amount  (and I guess their hp, but I didn’t notice that as much) when running with a full group. I think I spent about 2.5h in wilderness, and after finding the 45th message, I left group and lfm’d for the chain on eh. Don’t want to run it on ee first time through.  I started the first quests as a duo with a friend, we were joined half way through by another guy and before the end we were a full group. The quests themselves were fine.. until we started lagging. In the 2nd or 3rd quest we started lagging so badly that we had to wait it out to be able to continue. We fought through it, but once we got to the last quest in the chain the lag hits us again, and after fighting for more than half an hour, wiping twice we gave up.

Sunday I posted for the chain final, starting as a duo and had 4 ppl before the end of the quest, and one guy joined just as we were finishing, so he missed completion but got loot. Thanked the group, left and lfm’d for Wheloon Prison ee “Need dps, cc and more dps”. My friend joined me on his epic fighter, and I said I don’t want to start until we have at least 1 caster. I suggest we we go look for messages in the wilderness while we wait for more ppl.  We don’t run around too long before ppl start hitting the lfm and we get a good group with 2 casters (wizard & sorc), arti (juggernaut), fighter, rogue and me, cleric. Several times during our questing we suffer from lag, if not in wilderness, in the quest. You basically cannot move, or if you do move, you move a tiny bit, while the mobs still hit you normally. We wipe once in a quest and several ppl die in wilderness. Other than that, our first real problem is the Shadar-kai assassin boss in Thrill of the hunt. That guy is not to play with, hitting for ~700 in a wide range when he starts swinging his chain. I ask for advice in one of the channels I’m on, and they tell me of a safe spot. We finish without more problems and then on to the last quest.

Let’s start with the pros. I like the storms horns wilderness, especially the snowy mountain parts. The mobs are also pretty cool, and I liked the snowy quests. I even enjoyed the final quest, even though it wasn’t the easiest to complete, even on eh. The wilderness is level 27, but it didn’t really feel that difficult at all, Thaz being able to run around by herself for the most part, only ran into trouble with dungeon scaling. I also like that they’ve made some enhancements feats, and the new enhancement system is both good and bad.

Cons. A lot of new quest rewards are btc. The game has been insanely laggy with the update, and ppl keep noticing more and more bugs. Some ppl have also had mayor game/ computer performance issues since the update, having the game and their computers crash, being unable to run anything at all. I learned that ppl running the game on 32 bit Windows XP were having issues with the audio freezing up and causing the game to crash. My friend spent hours trying to figure it out, believing it to be graphics, only to find out that adjusting sound settings helped. Some of the bugs I’ve learned about this weekend:

–  Raid loot like tomes are all btc, and not bta/ unbound like before
– Titan raid is bugged, with the Titan moving too easily, making him hard to hit
– FoT audio is bugged, SR/ TO says one phrase and one phrase only through the raid
– StormReaver in FoT may not activate while fighting the 3 pairs
– Wheloon Prison chain reward giver is bugged, he will not progress the story and give you your chain reward
– End boss in Through A Mirror may bug out, making the quest uncompletable
– Some of the ED’s are bugged and are not working properly
– Changing your ED may reset your enhancements
– You cannot accept players into you group while you are outside the Glacier in Storms Horns, the player will only get the error “cannot… while party member is teleporting”
– Tharask Arena offers GH chain reward as quest reward (this is a widely known bug atm, and is likely on purpose added)
– Casting deathward on a palemaster in form shorts out the death aura

In other news I learned that they have fixed the “heroic toon into epics”, bug, and heroic toons can no longer enter epics. But also, if you enter an epic quest and summon a heroic hireling, it may prevent other players from entering the quest giving the player the error “all players in the party must meet quest requirements”.

That’s all I can currently think of at the top of my head. I’ll list more bugs once I learn about them, and if I remember.

Thank you for reading and happy questing.

P.S. With today’s questing, Thaz has reached over 4800 favor, I’m just missing Storms Horns ee, and MA and LoB on elite. I could also squeeze some more out of the challenges, but I’m not too interested in doing that.

P.P.S Thaz got lvl 26 this weekend, but I did not take the level yet.


2 comments on “Update 19; bugs, lag and wilderness

  1. Sounds like you had a blast. The lag is really weird. In the slayer areas there doesn’t seem to be any at all but soon as you enter a public instance or a quest bam. Our whole group had to relog a few times to eventually clear it although I dont know if relogging really helped or it was just the enough time had passed for it to clear on DDOs end.

    • 🙂 Storms horns wilderness wasn’t that bad, but we lagged out in Wheloon. Someone suggested turning of the combat logs, but that didn’t really do anything. I don’t think relogging helps either, as I’m pretty sure it’s a performance issue on the server side. A lot of players, a lot of mobs and lag lag lag.

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