And then Thazara was capped… again

My girl Thazara. She’s been with me since the first week of August 2011. She’s since then been through a greater reincarnation right after taking level 12 (she was level capped a while before actually taking the level, as I wanted to finish running all level 8-9 quest before taking 12) and a lesser, August 19, the day of the release of U19. She has seen 3 level caps so far, level 20 in April 2012, level 25 in November 2012 and now level 28. The first weekend after U19 was out, I lfm’d and ran the storms horns chain (5 quests) on eH and Wheloon Prison eE, as well as doing storms horns explorer and Thazara got level 26. The week and weekend after I did Wheloon prison explorer, Storms horns ee, and some von farm and Thaz got 27.  Come last weekend Thazara was missing 1.3 million xp for cap. I wanted to cap her over the weekend.

Saturday I logged on at around 7pm, not sure what I wanted to run. Saw an FoT up, just filling, and decided to put up my own. A short while later I filled my raid, as the group before had wiped, and many of them wanted to try again. The raid itself was fine, except for the fact that I dc’d just as SR went down, and lost out on loot. I joined a Shroud and then switched back to Thaz. I think I ran eVON, eADQ and joined an eE VON3, after which I lfm’d for my own 2xeH Jungle of Kyber. We also ran 2x VON2 eH. After these runs I went to sell at the guild vendors, only to lag… and realize that all of house K is lag frozen. Everyone in my party but one guy logs off. Me and Daiskai sit there talking for 20 min til the lag clears up, after which I’m too tired to continue playing and decide to log. Thaz is at this point missing 603k for cap.

Since I went to bed a bit earlier than normally on Sat night, on Sunday I get up earlier than normally too, with one focus: xp. I lfm and my old acquaintance Versed joins me on one of his alts, well him, and some other people I know, but Versed is the only one to stay in my party through all the quests I wanted to run. We start off with 2x eH wiz king. Then 2x VON1 eH, partycrashers & the snitch eH, Impossible Demands eH, Rusted Blades eH and eE, Death Undone eH, Don’t drink the water eH, Lords of Dust and Servants of the Overlord eH… and then Thaz was capped! I logged on at about 11.30am and at 6.30pm she was capped. I took level, switched to Maidae and ran Spinner of Shadows and Beyond the Rift with the group I was in, as I didn’t want to ditch them half way through the chain. Versed added guildies to the group every time there was a spot open and he had someone online, so most of the runs was run with his guildies. Before logging off for the night I join an eVON on Maidae where I meet one of the guys that was with me earlier in the day, but had to go. He asks me if I capped Thaz, and when I tell him yes, he comments on how much xp he missed out on by leaving the group. 🙂 Oh, well, I’m sure he’ll cap soon enough anyway.

Here’s my girl Thaz as she looks today. Not much different from what she looked like May 2012 (see e.g.

🙂 That’s all for now folks. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

P.S. I have just today updated my characters’ info and pics on the characters page, so do check them out.


4 comments on “And then Thazara was capped… again

    • 🙂 thanks legend. I wanted to do 3 things with Thaz: run all the new quests on eE, clear Storms Horns and Wheloon maps and level her to 28. Except for running Jarvanna one evening and the static group on friday… and of course, I was away the one fir-sat, I didn’t play any other toons. Now I can focus on leveling Cerge. I’m also considering grinding out PDK favor on Maidae so I can upgrade her CitW wraps.

    • Raiding and being awesome? XD lol. Nah, I guess she’ll take a short break, then continue favor farming. I’m also planning on running all the quests that have epic difficulty on ee. The ones I haven’t done that is.

      🙂 Yeah, and they all have heroic difficulty too, so should be easy enough.

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