Maidae Sunday, å de lider mot Jul

I don’t spend much time with family. My sister comes to visit for a weekend every now and then, but the rest of the family I rarely see at all. It’s not just their fault, it’s mine as well. Anywho, so when my mum called a few days ago and said she and my sister were thinking of coming to visit this Sunday, I said “ok”. It means time away from my normal ddo Sunday, but since I don’t see them too often at all, of course I couldn’t say no. I got up after 8 on a Sunday, to hang with them at my place and later at the mall, until they took the train back. So I didn’t log on to ddo til like 5pm. (Normally on Sundays I play from when I wake up until I have to let the degus out).

Sunday has been my xp day, and with the free ETR hearts promised to vip toons at epic levels Dec 12- Jan 12, I’ve been working on getting Maidae to 20, while still running the other toons too (I get bored doing the same thing too much). On Friday I was farming necro 4 and me and my group ran eeehn Vol, Fleshmaker’s and Ghost, while only one elite run of Inferno. Inferno is a quest I’ve never learned, so I decided there an then that the next time I log on Maidae, I’m gonna solo Inferno with the help of Wiki, and so I did. I skipped the first acolyte, while killed  the one that gives you the key for the locked chest, and decided that the next run I would only do the acolytes that transport you to the rest shrines. I did 2x hard and 1x normal.

And after Inferno, I wanted to do Litany, as I was flagged and already level 17. I lfm’d for “eeeh then bosses normal”. I mostly solo’d the first run (other person joined after the ambush), and had company for the other runs. For the bosses runs I was joined by Mary and Loulu, who stayed with me for all the bosses, and I redid Cinnis in the end as Mary ended up getting locked out from the first run. I was getting a lot of xp (imo) even from the bosses, like 3.4k for killing the boss, and 1.4k for the objectives leading up to the boss and then monster manual milestones going off every now and then. I was getting close to cap for 19 when we were done with the runs, so I took 18 and called it a night.

Okidoke, that’s it. Cerge ran raids with Storms Friday-Saturday, and I did take some screenshots, but meh, nothing interesting to report. 😀 Was good runs. Some jokes.

Have a great day, tc.

P.S. OnMouseOver for pic info as usual

P.P.S. I almost forgot. “Å de lider mot Jul” is Swedish and means “And Christmas is drawing near”

P.P.P.S Yes, I did call Cholthulzz a penis. And I stand by what I said. 😀 lol!


2 comments on “Maidae Sunday, å de lider mot Jul

  1. Hai, are you still lvl18? I see primal scream, cocoon and boulder toss. I think Santa got you on “no-gifts-this-xmas” list 😛

    PS.: You look exceptionally pretty in that armor 🙂

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