Raids week 64

Last Saturday there seemed to be more people on than the week before. I posted for baba’s a bit after 9 pm (3 pm EST) and before 9.30 we had a full party. I even had to decline someone as the last spot got reserved by someone ip flagging for Strahd.  I told the party to split themselves for the side puzzles, and I went right as I’ve been doing. What was different this time was that my side didn’t have anyone who wanted to do the puzzles, so I ended up doing them myself. Since I’m not used to doing them, this slowed us down a little. We also had some first timers in the party, so the first room with red named scare crows was a bit of a mess until we sorted out how things needed to be done. The rest of the raid progressed nicely and we finished in 31 minutes. Volley, Arbalest of the Damned dropped.

When I posted for baba’s, I put in the lfm that I would do Strahd after baba’s, so I believe everyone in the party had expected to do both. No one in party left after baba’s, so I basically just repaired and stepped into the next raid. Max offered to take the sunsword, and I think he carried it for the rest of the raid as well. We had some new people and we struggled a bit on the stairs, it felt like the stairs part just took too long with people dying over and over and I was getting a bit frustrated. Eventually we got past that part and the heart fight was quick and somewhat easy. In the doors part it seemed like we opened all the doors without finding the last torch, but then it was found and we could continue. In the end fight I guess our timing was slightly off, because we ended up having to beat Strahd down twice. We finished in 31 minutes and Spiral, the Voice of the Elements dropped.


I switched to Cerge and posted for LTS R2. I quickly got joiners, but as the party started to fill and we still didn’t have a str char, I had to reserve a spot for us to even be able to do the raid. The strength required, no matter if you short cut or not is 75 on EE and reaper. Without it you won’t be able to proceed past a few gates. Of course, the char doing these levers doesn’t need to have a constant str of 75, but needs to be able to hit that number when it’s time to do the levers. Temp buffs and bonuses are fine. The raid itself progressed as per usual, I didn’t think we really struggled anywhere on the way. According to the last patch notes Sor’jek no longer leashes in combat, so I was interested in testing it out. I decided to let people be where they wanted to be during the end fight, which led to a few more deaths than we usually have. We finished in 20 minutes and I got Leathers of the Celestial Archer with mythic bonus, or it was passed to me.

Someone wanted to do MoD, and I posted for that one next. I was feeling quite restless and wasn’t in the mood for a long wait, but we still ended up waiting for someone who wanted to join after what ever it was that they were ip running. The run itself was quick and easy. I failed on my first attempt to blind run to the east side, but made it on the second try. The run completed in 8 minutes, and I believe several named items dropped.





Next the party wanted to do Legendary Shroud. Only one person left which left us with 3 free spots for Shroud and I again had to turn someone down as someone else reserved a spot before they hit the lfm. I generally go with first come first served, but if someone sends me a tell or says in channel that they are joining/ want to reserve a spot, I treat that equal to having clicked on the lfm, i.e. they have the spot they would have had if they had clicked. Of course “I can join” is not treated equal to “I am joining/ switching”, as can doesn’t mean will, and therefor they only get a spot if they manage to click on the lfm before we fill. Anyway, shroud was shroud, and I was getting sleepy as I usually do during shroud runs. Since legendary shroud is very similar to heroic, and I usually pick hard difficulty to play it safe, the raid doesn’t really offer any excitement. It’s rather routine. We finished in 33 minutes this time.

I asked the party what they wanted to run, but then decided to do another baba’s, even though that was not what the party had suggested. I was missing a few runes to trade for my first item, and I wanted to get them before logging off for the night. I posted and I believe we filled in less than 30 minutes, which still felt a bit slow. This time I had a puzzler or two on my side, and with me attempting to help with the puzzles, we were finishing them much faster than last run. I think the other side only had one puzzler this round and we ended up waiting for them to complete, while killing off several waves of scare crows. During the end fight I told the party to not kill the shamblers, as it takes too long and on normal there really isn’t any benefit in killing them. We finished the raid in 40 minutes and Echo of the Icon and Void, the Endless Cold dropped.


After the second run of baba’s I was done for the night.
Until the next raids.


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