Raids week 61

Last week I was on a bit late, and as soon as I logged I was sent a party invite. I didn’t accept at first, but was then told the party was waiting for my raids, so I joined. It was inconclusive what they wanted to run, so I followed my original plan and posted for baba’s. Since I felt the group was quite strong, I suggested we do hard. About 10 minutes later we had a full party and were ready to get started. The puzzles went well and things were going quite well until the last fight when several of us died, and I realised that the death timer was annoyingly long. We completed in 30 minutes.

Next I wanted to do Strahd, since I’ve been running Strahd after Baba’s.  A few people left, some switched, and we ended up waiting a bit to fill the last spot. I suggested we do normal, as I already had a hard completion, and I was fine with just an easy completion. To me Strahd is a lot harder than Baba’s and the hardest part is the doors with the respawning trash. We took our time with the doors and killed off some of the mobs so they wouldn’t wipe us. In the end fight we again failed on the timing with Strahd and his wives and ended up having to beat Strahd down twice. We finished in 28 minutes.

I switched to Cerge and posted for LTS R2, since I didn’t get any suggestions for raids after Baba’s and Strahd. I believe I was reinvited into the previous party, so people didn’t have to rejoin. Since we already had str and int, I left the spots open for anyone. About 10 minutes later we had a full party and were ready to start. Since the group was a bit restless, we didn’t wait for everyone to enter before starting. Things progressed quickly and smoothly up until the endfight. Sor’jek reset once during the end fight, and the rest of it was slow, but not slower than usual. We finished in 21 minutes.

I asked what people wanted to run and someone suggested Thunderholme. I didn’t want to do Deathwyrm (since it’s quite long), but was up for a Fire on Thunderpeak. I suggested R1 and posted. We already had dragon tanks/ kiters and a main trash killer, so we just needed more dps. For being a reaper raid, the run was quick and easy. We had a few deaths, mostly from the dragons (including me), but we never got near a wipe and things progressed nicely. We finished in 18 minutes.


Next I wanted to do a Baba’s run on Cerge, since I was getting tired, and I need more baba runes. I think the whole party left, and I ended up waiting about 30 minutes for a new party. I had almost expected the run wouldn’t happen, but soon enough people started joining and we had a full group. The run was someone quick and easy with only a few deaths. Cerge did well and we finished in 34 minutes.

After Baba’s I was feeling tired and was done for the night.
Until the next raids.


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