Saturday night pug marathon

For over a year now, Saturday has been my raid night, when I do a raid marathon, going through all the raids I’d like to run, usually on two toons. Sometimes I’ve been joined by a guildie or two, but every time the raids are pug runs. Since I joined Osiride’s guild, Gli Egypt, he has joined me in my raid marathon, and now we raid together every Saturday. I of course love epic elite raids, so the easier ones we do on eE, while the others eH. ADQ and FoT are my favorites, but we usually also run VON and CitW and lately we’ve been doing Chrono as well. Before I TR’d my wizard, we used to do ToD, but currently I haven’t had much interest in it. For most of the raids I’m the one with the star, maybe because I enjoy leading, or maybe because Osi just doesn’t feel like doing the lfm, lol.

This Satuday (February 1, 2014), we did ADQ (eN/ eE), FoT (eH), VON (eN/ eE), CitW (eH, this one was not my lead, but a friend’s) and Chrono (eE). This night offered two 1sts for me, that I was very excited about. I tanked the StormReaver for the 1st time on Maidae, and I led my first ee VON6. I’ve never considered tanking SR on Maidae before, but after the party had filled, I realised that the only one I knew could do it was Osi, and he was our only healer, so I decided to give it a try. If you watch the video, you see that I had no issues at all with the damage I was taking, my only issue was that I wasn’t doing enough dps to prep him on my own. In VON I lfm’d for “eN/ eH or eE if good group”. Looking at the group I had, it looked promising, but there was only a few I really trusted, so I was a bit hesitant, but decided to give it a go. In my opinion it turned out very well. We had a few deaths, including me (because I was stupid and let fire kill me twice), but our dps was good and we killed the eggs before they could develop into fire ellies. So, all in all a good first time for me.

Here’s a picture of Maidae in ee Chrono, funnily it looks like I’m fighting the boss solo:

And here’s my latest video, the pug fot run:

Thank you for stopping by and have a great rest of the day.


One comment on “Saturday night pug marathon

  1. Usually it starts with ADQ and we put 2 posts. Then i have to change ED and pass you the lead while i do, so you start to post something. We know anyways that you like to lead more than me and, if i post, i’ll just act as a normal member later anyways (unless it’s about to tell roles or something).

    Also, we need more EE raids Micki. I’m waiting.

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