Dancing… on the ship 2

A short while after joining Osiride’s guild Gli Egypt, I took pictures of my toons dancing on the new ship (see Dancing… on the ship).  Now, I wanted to the same with gif animations. Click on any of the pictures below to view the animation.

And while the theme song for the last post was “Dancing in the street”, the theme song for this one is (Dancing in the moonlight):


8 comments on “Dancing… on the ship 2

  1. Ok, I decided to click on them all and I cannot say that I am better for the experience. Lol I should thank you but but I feel dirty. Top right? No no no no no!; bottom right? I feel as if the clothes are about to start fracturing and flying off like leaves…..or feathers? Great song. Nice cover. Ty 🙂

    • 🙂 I’m uncertain if you’re hating the dance itself, or the gifs. I agree, the human dance is horrible, and the dance I picked is still the better of the two (imo).

      Even though creating a gif isn’t particularly hard, making sure the the loop itself is smooth means you have to find the correct end frame. I cut video clip to 100+ frames, clicked through a bunch of them to find the right end frame, and deleted every frame after that, before cutting and exporting. Pretty sure it took me over 2h to record, and do the gifs. And I’m not happy with the lighting etc, but meh. They’ll have to do.

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