Epic crafting and 80th ADQ

As I was running Cerge to Sschindylryn a friend of mine put up an eVON raid, and I decided to join. I was telling them how I’m missing the seal for epic sword of shadows… and what happened, the seal dropped in the end chest of VON 5. The person who got it put it for roll, and I was the only one to roll, so I got my seal. After the raid was done, I asked Cleazy about how to do epic crafting, then headed over to the twelve to do my very first epic crafting (this was on Maidae). I’ve been meaning to TR Maidae into a fighter, and I believe I will do an eSOS life next, lol.

Later in the day I also did my 80th ADQ run on Thaz, and here is her reward list:

Before I picked up my reward I checked if I had a shard of the torc, and I noticed that not only do I have the shard, but I have the other parts as well. I decided to make Thaz an eTorc. From the reward list I picked Shard of the Demon Scale Armor. I asked some ppl what would be a good pick and they recommended torc or this. Since I already had a torc shard, and I doubt I’ll make another epic torc, I didn’t want to pick it.

Why make an epic torc you say? Well, I plan to start eTR’ing Thaz after she passes 5k favor. She can use it while levelling. 🙂

Alright, that’s all from me for today. See you next time. Cheers.


2 comments on “Epic crafting and 80th ADQ

  1. Grats Micki!

    Now, I know that sometimes builds are built around a weapon but an “eSoS life” that sounded weird to me.

    • 🙂 thank you. Well, lately I pick the weapon I want to use before I plan the build. Maidae I decided to focus on falchions, Cerge is an AA (cause I got Abbot bow).. and next life I’ll focus Maidae on SOS. She has both a heroic ml 9 version and now the epic ml 20. I have no idea what to augment on it, though.

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