Evasio barb ftw

I may have mentioned it on a number of occasions, that I hate barbarians. Like someone said, “a barbarian is like a glass house” or “a barbarian needs a healer glued to his ass”. To me, most barbarians equal mana sponges, which is why I don’t like them as a healer. So, I wanted my barbarian to be different. Self healing, self buffing, and evasion. I leveled Maidae to 25 the other day, and dressed her in pretty much the same items she was wearing as a monk, only her weapon is different. I haven’t been using rage much, as I was casting displacement and cocoon, but I’ve started to rely more on sf pots and less on cocoon. Today I joined Robai’s lfm for eH/ eH VON (raid), and as it turns out, we didn’t have a healer and we decided to go without one. The interesting bit to me was VON6. I used my scrolls to cast gh and stoneskin on myself, used a displace clicky (which of course didn’t last long), someone cast haste, primal scream and healing spring, and off we went. I hit frenzy, death frenzy and rage… and stayed in meleing Velah through fire. My reflex was at 43, fire couldn’t touch me, and I used sf pots for the damage I was taking from her other attacks and frenzy. I was pretty happy with that run. 🙂

Ty for reading/ looking and have a fabulous day.


P.S. Oh, yeah, I was of course running in a leveling ED too, lol. I’m working on capping all my ED’s.


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