Mabar pt 3

I’ve been mabaring it for a few h tues-thurs, then did a marathon (9 h) Friday and Sunday, while Saturday was my first night off from ddo in a long time. Yes, I actually went out on a Saturday, can u imagine. *giggle*

So far I’ve run mabar on Jarvanna (druid 8), Cerge (sorc 18) and Maidae (monk 20). And Andy, or Neguash convinced me to make a mabarbot, a vet 2 human 1wiz/6cleric: 18 cha, 16 wis and I put the rest in con, so 16 con. Empower heal, Empower, Maximize, Quicken and improved turning. Bot’s an undead killing machine, bursts take out pretty much any undead in range… until I run out of bursts, that is.

During the Friday marathon I mostly ran the bot (who I named Andybot Slayer of undead, lol), but I wasn’t making too many motes. I also was having troubles getting keys, and we kept getting too low level spawns. I’ve been constantly trying to figure out how to make more motes. Friday was sort of a bust, I made maybe 6 scales, but only about 3k motes in my hours on. Sunday I was running on my sorc and kept getting loads of fangs (had 25 when I finally quit), but only one scale and only around 4k motes.

I just don’t know how people do it, the ones who claim to be making 1.6k/h or even 100k/day. I ran both with 6 man group and 12 man raid party. Drops seemed a bit random, sometimes we got loads of spawns and good drops, other times drops were pretty crap. Also spawns seemed to differ between instances, in one instance we’d get too low level spawns, change to other instance and we got right lvl again and more spawns.

I did buy 2x draught of night on Sunday, and not only did it seem to get me some motes, but I seemed to be getting more drops as well. Today I plan to run Andybot in a group of 6 and use a draught of night for more motes. I’m also gonna ask Andy if he still needs that lich dust he was begging me for, I realized I only need 1 and I have 2, so I could trade him for motes. I need 8.25k motes and 1 dragonscale more to make the items I still wish to make.

Current items:
Maidae: cloak 4, 8, 16. Wraps: 4, 8, 16.
Cerge: cloak: 4, 16.

Hopefully items in the end:
Maidae: cloak 4, 12, 16. Wraps: 4, 8, 16, 20.
Cerge: cloak 4, 12, 16.

That’s all folks, and if u want to grind Mabar with me mon-tues, see you on Orien. 🙂

P.S. Mabar is to end on Tuesday, to be back around thanksgiving. Mabar Schedule


13 comments on “Mabar pt 3

  1. I suggest wraps level 12 as they bring to the table Light Bringer which is a vorpal effect and they come in time for the desert and maybe level 24 for maximum power against undead. I am not sure that the lower level wraps are worth the pain (motes are still a premium and you will lose 1750 for a level 4 plus a level 8 one) when compared to Devotion ( which has no ML, Holy and Flametouched (required for Ghostly Skeletons). You might want to give it a thought.

    Regarding the motes go solo and not in groups to achieve maximum motes/hour. Counting the time on ship buffs (which is less that 1 hour considering the running to get them and up to the first kill in the graveyard) I am making 1500+/hour without a draught and with one on I reached up to 2200 motes/hour though I am still pretty sure is not worth to buy one with motes (500 motes/draught). I use a level 9/10 wizard one shotting most of the time with Acid Blast and constantly running in a pattern.

    Mabar is still a grind and I have way too little time to play to get many items. You are right about the low CR problems, they start to be really annoying and need instance shift to get to one that is unbugged. Cordovan also acknowledge the bug and they are looking into it (dev tracker is your friend). Don’t hold your breath for a solution now, maybe around Thanksgiving when it will make an return 🙂

  2. Oh, one more thing. For me the lich dust is the most premium drop since at that level (9-10) I haven’t seen a single one except vampires. When I switch to a higher level character in a level 20-25 instance you can get them but it is very random since as soon as one appears everyone is ganging them. Luckily the upgraded higher level items which require the lich dust are not that interesting to me.

  3. I got my last wanted gear this morning (a lvl 20 wrap to TR my favored soul in a dronk or clonk as soon as I cap my recently TRed ranger) some minutes before the servers went down.

    Fortunately I have a bard lvl 7 who was perfect to farm motes. I have made recently a upgraded cacophonic verge so he can burst lots of undeads at once, heal, buff and be happy. And the wand never depletes 🙂

    It was also my official chamber runner, already got 13 scales with him. The problem is surely the lich dust. They are very expensive to buy. So are the motes, around 250k pp for 1k.

    About farming motes, until yesterday I though solo would be the best, but then I joined a group with 2 lvl 16 and 3 other low level chars like me. We stay near the entrance of Deleras chain, rounding and rounding it, and i got near 1.5k in an hour (i was burning a draught at the time).

    So it’s all too relative. But turbine really should revise the draught effect, if it wasn’t a store one, you’ll never get the 500 motes you need to trade it back. It’s False advertising
    Good luck with the rest of your equipment, and take care.

  4. ty guys

    @malinza2 I have wraps 4, 8, 16. Should I dump 4 or 8 and make 12?

    And I hate running stuff solo. I get bored out of my mind, so I rather group, and u get a lot more spawns in a group.

  5. Supposedly you get more drops in a solo group this time around. I can’t verify that, I’ve only been running it solo and have no comparison.

    But this is what I’ve been told.

  6. I would say that the Devotion handwraps are easier to get and have certain advantages over the Mabar ones without sacrificing precious motes.

    Talking of which you might want the BtA handwrap Eternal Rest again no ML ( which also has silver to break vampire’s DR and Ghost Touch for the pesky incorporeals such as the wraiths. You need to run the Catacombs chain for them though.

    With those 2 above you won’t need any other handwraps until you can use the ML:12 Mabar ones. At that range you are also 1 level away from using Spectral Gloves too which are very nice for melees and a must sometimes if you need their Ethereal property.

    Considering that you already have level 4, 8 and 16 ones maybe you should keep the level 16 and do level 12 and 20. This would give a nice set, plus checking the ML:24 one I would say is not worth the ingredients for the small increase it provides.

    Yes, I understand the boredom of running solo and you are right that bigger groups spawn more mobs, but all the kills (including yours) and the corresponding rewards are randomly assigned to members of the group. Considering that Mabar comes usually once per year I can sacrifice a bit of my more pleasurable time. I admit that out of boredom I quickly joined a TR train this weekend for a couple hundreds of experience though 😀

    @Thoriek: With a draught 1500/hour is quite low. You should try the same but solo and check the results. I am pretty sure you will be happier with the outcome 🙂

  7. 🙂 I have Eternal Rest wraps and and Ethereal bracers. I need to run Delera’s and get the devotion ones. I wanted the lvl 16 wraps, which I have, and I could get 20. 24 I’m not getting because Maidae won’t be 24 for a long time and Mabar will have time to come back several times before then.

  8. Strong plan, the cloak especially the one ML:16 is very nice. I also couldn’t help but notice that you are aiming for different level of cloaks I presume mainly for Deathblock and Nightmare Guard.

    I wanted to point out to items that perform the same function but earlier, items you might want to try to fit in your early equipment setup: ML:7 ML:9

    and ML:13

    Good luck with the Mabar grind! Please let us know how it ended for you 🙂

  9. Some instances are ‘bugged’ and have the “too low” messgae; if you get that, change instances (it’s a known issue and they hope to fix it by next time). It seems that the level 8-13 instances get quite a few drops – at least anecdotally. I had a lot of fun taking my level 7 arty into the 16-20 instances, perching him up high and sniping everything. Always try to get a piece of vamps and liches, to get the chance of a drop (you do NOT need to land the ‘killing blow’). Fangs seem to be quite stingy this year. Dust is always stingy. You can actually take the “drought of midnight” and go undead hunting ANYWHERE in the game (several like the Macabre Orchard) to get drops, but I don’t know where the “best” place for undead hunting is – I always just stay in the graveyard.

    Whenever I run with Shin, it seems he gets more drops from my kills than I do. Probably just a coincidence.

  10. I can confirm that over 1.6k (probably over 2k) per hour is quite possible, and doesn’t even require an optimized build. I came back from break, fired up a 20 sorc (an ice build, switched to air sorc w/firewall for the cove, switched to delayed blast fireball as well). Running circuits solo and with draught, I was hitting those levels. Note that I didn’t bother with ship buffs as I have better resists (medium guild) and tended to die a bit.

    The catch about fireballs is that they tend to fizzle. Try to use cheap AoE attacks (I even switched in an unempowered/unmaximized soundburst after I figured it out, but acid spray also works). You also need something non-fire/ice for those pesky blackbone skellies. I prefer chainlightning.

  11. I wouldn’t bother with the L4 (or L8, for that matter) cloak. Invisibility Guard’s not worth it, and Dusk barely makes it worth it. Perma-half-blur is nice, but I’m generally still wearing at least the Lesser Abishai set. It’s not until it gets DB at L12 that it really becomes must-have. L4 or L8 wraps are one of those things you make at the end if you have motes left over… REALLY sucks that Mabar stuff is BtC, ’cause I’d be really happy making only one or two cloaks (and Nightshield clicky robes) at each level and tossing ’em in the shared bank lol

    As for mote-hunting… I’ve had really good luck with it in a full raid party on my L17 barb in the 16-20 instance (once I found an unbugged instance, at least…). Don’t know that a Draught is worth it, but if you’re getting a goodly amount of the kill shots, it probably is.

    I keep wanting to simply blow through one of the Delera’s quests (Dead Girl’s Spellbook would be convenient, since she’s right there, but that’s a fair amount of backtracking; I’m also considering simply standing at the gate for that one where you have to, er, defend the gate. Don’t complete, simply stand there attacking the respawning zombies..) on a high-level character, but haven’t tried it yet.

  12. 🙂 Ty for all ur comments.

    Yesterday I was in the graveyard for 3 h on my lvl 8 druid, with a 6 man party 4-8. Had a friend pass me his motes, and made just under 6k.

    Current items:
    Maidae: cloak: 4, 12, 16. wraps: 12, 16, 20.
    Cerge: cloak 4, 16.

    I still wish to make the lvl 12 cloak for Cerge.

    After reading one of the blogs, I realized that having the cloak lvl 12 and 16 is good, because there are times when u don’t want to wear and item with guard (Let Sleeping Dust Lie comes to mind), 20 isn’t really worth it. I thought the lvl 4 cloak is really nice, the invisibility thing really ups ur survuvability.

    My toons do have the necro pendant, but it tends to be impractical, as I usually wear a con item in that spot.

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