And it’s a wrap, again. Mabar

Oh, I am Mabar crazed, if you didn’t know.  I was pretty upset the times I missed a Mabar opening because of a raid. When we got news that Mabar was closing early, I knew I still wanted to get everything I had planned: +5 tome for Thaz, Cerge, Jarvanna and Maidae, Festival solar for Maidae and a Ruby of the Endless Night for Jarvanna. I’ve every day since it opened spent hours in Delera’s. Of course, after the weekend I was already tired of doing slayer, especially since I had the motes I needed, and already had traded for the items I wanted. So, I’ve been questing and raiding with Osi and the other guildies.

I cannot remember exactly how many fails, but the last few days the fails were more because of me picking the wrong level to run, when others where running some other level, than because of lag. Jarvanna’s level has succeeded every single run I’ve done on her, and I managed to get the killing hit on Eternity twice. Thaz on the other hand has been the least successful and Maidae has failed 2-3 times because of too few ppl in the instance. Cerge was doing pretty well, but last night he also failed because of too few ppl.

After all this hard work, I have managed to get the exact number of completions that I wanted, a total of 15. And now, I’m done. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I picked constitution for Cerge and intelligence for Thaz. The other two are still too low level to use the tome.  Thaz was only missing intelligence and charisma, and as her charisma was even, adding +1 would not give me anything, while intelligence adds to spellcraft, even if only 1 point.  I know, I’m crazy. Farming this much for this little. But during all of this, I’ve also xp’d on Maidae and run some raids, even though a bit less than normally.

It’s been fun (actually it hasn’t, it’s been pretty tiring), but now I’m tired and happy it’s over.  So as to not bore you with more Mabar pics, here’s from ee ADQ and, then Thaz reading her tome.

That’s all for now. Ty for reading and have a great day.


4 comments on “And it’s a wrap, again. Mabar

      • Yeah, I could have used some wraps too, but mostly entered for dragon so not much farming. I upgraded a cloak though 😛

        Besides, there is nothing a triple pos qstaff won’t do better and also provide some extra benefits if I ever decide to TR to a monk (don’t have one atm!) 😀

  1. Congrats Micki!! I faired ok during this run. Had 9 completions out of 11 attempts and was able to get a few of the things I was hoping for (+5 Tome on Hamllin and level 12 handwraps for Lorrikk) but there are still plenty of other things I could use to get. I’m just hoping they get it fixed.

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