Mabar mabar mabar

Mabar is back! Or, well, it started/ opened on Friday, and I haven’t had a chance to blog about it til now. I donno, I was very excited about the event being back, but after a few days I’m already disappointed. The new and cool stuff this year; +5 tome (one per toon), 2 new cosmetic hats, 3 new augments and festival solar, can only be acquired by trading mabar signets. You can only acquire 1 signet per toon per day from the chamber, and you only get it on a successful run. Ppl already have enough motes from previous years, so there aren’t that many ppl farming, everyone’s waiting for the opening. And when it finally openes, which may take hours depending on how many ppl are farming, the instances are not equally adjusted. In some instances you have too many ppl, while others may not have enough, and both are very likely to fail. This weekend (Friday-Sunday), I played for ~21 h, and entered all but two chamber openings during that time. I am trying to remember how many fails, but successes were a total of  9.  I was able to get a +5 tome for Cerge and Jarvanna, while Thaz only got 1 signet and Maidae has 2. That’s it. For the whole weekend. Thaz failed  3? times, Maidae 2 and Cerge 1.. if I remember correctly. Thaz and Cerge because of lag (I think, as I believe the fail was not in my room), and Maidae because of not enough ppl in the instance.

I did spend a good amount of time in Delera’s killing stuff, but I was far from motivated. I was most of the time running with a raid group, and every so often piking sending tells. Killing stuff in delera’s isn’t as fun as it used to be. I was given a bunch of motes to trade for stuff and I made Cerge a lvl 20 and a lvl 24 cloak, Maidae a lvl 20 and Jarvanna a lvl 16. Probably completely unnecessary making both a lvl 20 and 24 as they’re almost the same, but I felt I wanted them. If I get more scales I may make some more, but currently I am out of them.

My plan was to get my 4 played toons a +5 tome, and to make some cloaks. I think I’d like to get some augments and festival solar on something. Seems like I, like so many others, would be completely happy just running the chamber and nothing else, but with so few ppl farming, the chamber just opens too seldom. I believe it opened only 5? times in 8h on Sunday. I’m pretty disappointed..well and tired.

Here’s a collection of pictures. OnMouseOver for picture info.

People have been trying to figure out how to minimize the lag. Seems like the lag starts when the gargoyles spawn, but only if there’s a lot of ppl in the instance. Some aoe/ cc spells, and pets may increase the lag. But at the same time, casting firewall and other aoe spells on/ around the altar, will help you keep the gargoyles away from the altar or kill them, in case the instance lags. I also learned that you can cast mass invis over the altar, and the gargoyles will not see it. Still, I’d recommend killing the gargoyles as fast as you can, to 1. prevent them from breaking the altar, and 2. reduce lag.

Alright. Time for bed. Ty for reading and happy hunting.

P.S. Shadar-kai assassins in Delera’s? Why?

P.P.S My toons and chamber levels are: Maidae lvl 7 (chamber lvl 1-8), Jarvanna lvl 17 (Chamber lvl 15-19), Cerge lvl 24 (chamber lvl 20-25) and Thazara lvl 28 (Chamber lvl 26-30). The best level for me was Jarvanna’s, as I succeeded every run on her.


2 comments on “Mabar mabar mabar

  1. Grats Micki! You were much more successful than I was 🙂

    I only managed 3 runs in this weekend. I did one on the cleric and the gargoyles break the altar at some point, another on my wizard who died in the chamber due to lag (group failed anyway) and another on my artificer which went flawlessly the only lag being when the door opened and the world freeze.

    So only 1 signet yay! 😦 I will be happy if I manage to get 1 tome on the wizard (he has a +4 already), but this seems unlikely so far. People are getting pissed on the event and it gets increasingly hard to open.

    P.S. When I was on the wizard the altars were invisible, but at some point the gargoyles went straight to them and attacked them even though we were still in the room.

    P.P.S. Another tip I received to reduce the lag is to fight away from the altars near one of the walls, but that didn’t looked like it worked.

    • 🙂 ty, but, it didn’t feel that successful. That many hours, that few runs and that many fails. Seems like Mabar is a lot more work this year, even though I don’t have to farm as much.

      Sorry to hear about your not so good runs. I had one where we lag freezed completely and couldn’t do anything at all, but the other ones we were able to spam spells to kill the gargoyles even with the lag.. at least in my room. But then the altar got broken. I’m sure that it wasn’t in my room, as we didn’t get any warning “altar under attack”, and I didn’t see any gargoyles attacking it. I recommend casting aoe (fw, bb) on altar, then backing away, so u pull the aggro away from it. When running Thaz my last run I got most of the gargoyles on me doing just that, lol.

      Ty. for the tips. 🙂

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