DDO feedback from the newbie

I’ve been playing DDO as a casual player (‘cept I’m not sure where the line is between casual and active?) for almost 9 months now. A friend suggested I try it out and I decided to do so, since I like fantasy and fiction and I’ve never played any MMORG before. I also had never played DnD. I started off sort of copying my friend’s way of playing, even though he had rolled a rogue and I a cleric. I can tell you my cleric was gimped as hell already after a few levels. I was also, after 2 months of playing as a f2p player, so fed up with all the restrictions that I chose between quitting or going VIP. I’ll let you guess what I chose 😀

To make the story short. We had a falling out with my friend, I stopped listening to him (well we didn’t talk at all for 2 months. Now we’re friends again) and went on the forums for advice on how to fix my toon. And now I’m loving DDO. I hate soloing, though, because to me DDO is a social game.  I pug a lot, and I’ve run with a lot of nice people 🙂 When I find a good party, I easily spend 6 h on running quests (I easily spend that much time on even when I have to lfg for every quest I wanna run).

I’m thinking DDO has sort of taken over my life 🙂 Well, I go to work, try to get some sleep, exercise and  sometimes hang out with friends. But any extra time I have (usually weekend nights) is spent in DDO 🙂  and it’s not that I find the quests that exciting. I take pride in being an important part of any party, and making sure we finish the quest at almost any means. My cleric is an offensive caster (I usually help out killing bosses, and I enjoy it), buffer and healer with melee fallback. My way of playing? I will carry the party through any quest if I have to and am able to. I am most of the time the last one standing in any quest… and I will run to save my own ass 🙂 Falling back when there’re too many mobs often allows you to kill them one at a time (as long as you don’t get lost and run into more mobs, which I have done as well). I guess you can tell I mostly play my cleric. 🙂 I’ve spent these 9 months leveling my cleric, and am still not capped. Why? Because I’ve been holding levels to do all quests on level (I’ve collected 2993 favor so far). I’ve gained a lot of experience in playing a cleric and have found my place in the game 🙂 What I am lacking still though is raiding experience. I’ve only run Chrono (10+ times, I have one full abshai set and one lesser), VON (4-5 times), tempest (2 times), and ADQ (1 time), but will start running Shroud as soon as I get flagged.

To sum it up. Love DDO. Have become totally addicted and I can’t wait to log on again 🙂 will be playing this weekend again. But first I’m gonna go to the gym 😀

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