🙂 I had myself a bit of a chuckle yesterday. Someone had an lfm up for Jungle of Khyber epic elite, and I sent a tell (as Thazara) that I just swapped ED and I’m feeling really squishy, but I could do elite. I get a reply “hp?” and to my reply (“419 now, 440 buffed, 640 if I swap to US”) “Can you heal?”. 😀 I’m like (thinking), lol. Me? Nah, I can’t heal. What’s that? I replied “lol. yes”.

Then a bit later someone has an lfm up for Dreaming Dark elite, and I send him a tell, but they had already finished and were now doing casual runs. I get an invite. After the first or the second run the leader asks about my guild and when I answer “Legends of Orien”, his friend’s like “How’d you get in?” (apparently not the guild, but this party), and the leader tells me he doesn’t usually run with LoO people, because a lot of us irritate him. 😀 lol. Well I was there, and he didn’t kick me, so there.

Usually when I quest I’m stubborn to get a completion and will want to retry after a fail. This weekend wasn’t one of those. If the first try failed, I said “ty, I’m gonna go do something else”. I didn’t have any patience for trying again. Not my common style, but I think it was because of the party. The parties I joined didn’t have a good leader or good tactics, and that’s something I’ve been starting to want more and more. I hate quests where the leader isn’t leading. Some people might like it messy and difficult, but I much more prefer running with people who know what they’re doing.

Ok, here’s a list of things I want from a good pug:
– Someone who knows the quest is leading the party (doesn’t have to be the person with the star).
– If we aren’t farming, the one leading will help anyone who got lost or left behind to find their way, or makes sure no one gets left behind.
– People are communicating and listening, people know their roles in the group.
– People are polite and don’t talk down to anyone.
– The quest at hand should be taken seriously, but the over all feeling should still be light enough for jokes. It’s a game people, not life and death.

I will leave a party after completion/fail if:
– people aren’t communicating/ listening
– no one is leading
– I’m having to babysit or carry someone too much
– the party doesn’t seem strong enough for the quest
– people are mean or cruel or give me crap

I do not believe I have ever left a quest that is in progress. I will stay ’til win or loose, after which I decide if it’s a party I want to run with or not. Very few people have been mean or gotten on my bad side, and even those have, have been forgiven and forgotten. 🙂 The only one I currently want to blacklist is the wizard in Saturday’s Shroud. Either he didn’t speak English or he was trolling, but I’m guessing the latter and it did get on my nerves.

Alright, that’s some thoughts from me.

Tc and see you in game.

3 comments on “Pugging

  1. Im no leader, if i put a lfm its because there are no others up for the quest i want to run.

    Even when i have the star i prefer someone else to lead and organize people.

    I think i fit within your good pug rules :D, i always listen so if im told something i will try my best to do it, im here to have fun so dont see the point insulting others.

  2. 🙂 don’t like leading, because I often feel I don’t know the quest well enough to lead (lol, ‘cept elite shroud). But if I don’t feel I know the quest well, I do write in the lfm “need guide” or “need people know it”.. and even sometimes “know it”.

    But it sorta bothers me if I join a pug where the person with the star isn’t communicating. I want to know who is named leader, and if it isn’t the person with the star, he needs to let us know who’s in charge – if it isn’t obvious.

    I had a great run of elite crucible a few weeks ago. The first person to join told me he knows it really well and can do all the horns. After party filled I told everyone this person’s leading. And we had a great run, completed in 18 minutes.

    HoX Saturday, on the other hand wasn’t very good. The person with the star wasn’t communicating at all, and people didn’t seem to know their roles. I asked 2-3 times before we even started, “what’s the plan” “who’s doing what?”. It wasn’t clear, and it was messy. When things get messy, they tend to get expensive as well. I’m not a multiple TR with mil plat, I have problems keeping even a couple hundred k in the bank, since I buy scrolls, pots and wands for all of my toons.

  3. There are a lot of quests that don’t really need leading, but a raid, especially one like HoX, yes, there needs to be a little communication if you don’t want to wipe! 🙂

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