Thazara’s gear, Ravenloft edition

The last post I did about Thaz’s gear was posted April 15. Since then I’ve adjusted and readjusted her gear several times and I realised it’s getting difficult to keep track of it all. So, I decided to make a spreadsheet, and since I also wanted to also keep track of her old gear setup, I decided to do a new tab each time I do a major gear swap.

Here is Thaz’s spreadsheet. Click on the tabs to view old and new setup. The spell power and crits down below show her different values depending on offhand weapon. Higher spell power lowers dcs, lower spell power higher dcs. The intent was to get the Adherent set without losing too much of what she already had. Click on the picture to view spreadsheet.

And are her stats on ship, with only ship buffs.

That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. Thaz is still a champion build, e.i. 32 points, first life. She has done 10 epic reincarnations so far. I’m still using this build, i.e. she is a light spammer evoker.

P.P.S Thaz has also eaten a supreme +8 tome.


4 comments on “Thazara’s gear, Ravenloft edition

  1. “Thaz is still a champion build, e.i. 32 points, first life. She has done 10 epic reincarnations so far.”

    You’d get through your Epic lives a lot faster if you did a TR every so often. That would reset your first time XP bonuses, so in the next set of ERs you could take advantage of an Epic and Hard first time bonus for each quest. 10 ERs in you’ve long since exhausted these bonuses and are just making the base XP. I do ~1-3 ERs per life before a TR, that seems to be about the limit before the first time bonuses are all expended.

    • Make that an Elite and a Hard first time bonus. 😛

      Also while you’re leveling if you avoid the quest chains which have both a Heroic and an Epic version you will save the first time XP for Epic levels where it makes more of a difference.

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