Jarvanna’s gear post U48

I’ve been working on updating my caster druid and making her more druid and less of a divine copy (I have had a habit of playing her similar to my cleric). In doing this I wanted to redo her gearset with Feywild gear, to make her over all better. I also switched ED and changed her enhancements – but these aren’t quite done yet. I did want to share my current gear setup, though. Here it is. Note, this is Jarvanna 3.0.

Goggles: Legendary Collective Sight, Wisdom +21, Insightful Wisdom +10, augment: Esoterica (3 Pieces Equipped: +4 Artifact Bonus to all Spell DCs)
Head: Legendary Crown of Snow (Winter), augment: Diamond of Strength +11
Neck: Legendary Winter Court Necklace (Winter), augment: Diamond of Dexterity +11
Trinket: Bottled Rainstorm (Autumn), augment: Topaz of Greater Transmutation
Armor: Cladding of Dead Leaves (Autumn), augment: Essence of the Epic Litany of the Dead
Cloak: Legendary Cloak of Autumn (Autumn), augment: (empty)
Bracers: Legendary Levik’s Bracers, augments: Diamond of Festive Wisdom +2, Esoterica
Belt: Strap of Autumn Leaves (Autumn + Winter), artifact, augments: Globe of True Emperial Blood, Sapphire of Spell Agility +15, Topaz of Deathblock
Ring 1: Legendary Omniscience, augments: Topaz of Greater Evocation, Esoterica
Boots: Legendary Deepsnow Boots (Winter), augment: Topaz of Blindness Immunity
Gloves: Legendary Deadringers (Autumn), augment: Topaz of Fear Immunity
Ring 2: Circle of Malevolence
Main hand: The Legendary Queen’s Sceptre
Main hand (option): Legendary Malleable Sceptre of Devotion
Offhand: I don’t have this item yet, but the plan is: Legendary Solid Sound with quality wisdom +5
Offhand (option): Legendary Malleable Sceptre of Devotion

I also use Staff of the Summer Solstice for temporary hp.

I am still not set on my enhancements, filigrees (I have some slotted but these are bound to change) or ED, so I will post these later.

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Cerge eTR 16

Yesterday Cerge eTR’d for the 16th time. This time the acquired past life was Brace. Here are his before and after pics (before on the left, after on the right).

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Thazara’s gear March 6, 2021

I spent some time farming and have updated Thazara’s gear.

After talking to one of my guildies, I know of a few more items I’d like to get, but this is what it looks like right now. The goal after the previous ER was to get her evo dc as high as possible while keeping as much spell power as possible. I’m back to swapping between a dc sceptre and a spell power one, but the difference is smaller than it used to be. Click on the picture to see the spreadsheet.

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Maidae, my inquisitive paladin

When I keep a toon at cap for a while and this toon is seen in the raids, I do like to do a post about my build and gear. This build was just intended as a past life build, but she’s been fun to play and is currently my dps toon that I bring into raids. Here’s what she looks like right now. Note, this build has good saves, decent dps, but struggles with self healing. I have been soloing up to R4 without too much trouble. My main (damage) stat is intelligence, charisma adds to all saves and wisdom to will save and spot.

Her stats, standing on the guild ship with guild buffs only:
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Firetha TR 6

I decided I wanted to do 3 fvs lives on Firetha before going to level 30 as a wizard. Today I TR’d her into her second fvs life. Here are her before and after pictures.

Before                                                                     After

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Riding the Storm Out solo – Cerge

Last week I finally managed to complete a solo run of the raid Riding the Storm Out – on my 7th attempt. Scroll down for the video.
I said I was going to do a blog about the character I ran and about gear, enhancements and ED. Take note, I’m in no way claiming that this is the best build, gear setup, ED twists etc for doing this. I don’t build chars for soloing raids – I build chars for various reasons and I’ve a couple of times ended up with a char I thought could solo raids.

I did the raid in Unyielding Sentinel ED with Renewal for healing and Stand against the tide stance for immunity to knockdown. I drack a potion of Long Lasting Elixir of Supreme Ability before the run and refreshed it before the end fight. After 2 failed attempts where I fell off the dragon platform, I decided to try using Stone shoes in the dragon fight. They didn’t prevent me from getting pushed off, but I believe the kept me more grounded anyway.

The build I’m running is Cerge 9.0. He was originally using a great crossbow, but I did a weapon’s swap and enhancements change to turn him into an inquisitive instead.

Current enhancements. Cerge has 1 racial and one universal ap.
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Current plans

I’ve been playing this game for a while, and I have had plans for most of my characters from the beginning. Some of the plans have changed along the way, some haven’t changed much. Check out my characters page for current info. Check out my reincarnation mapping for more info about my chars’ reincarnations. Here is the current list of plans:

Thazara still wants to collect all the favor from everything in game. The goal is to eventually do all the remaining raids on at least elite. I also want to get T all the epic past lives, but it’s been going slow as she’s also the main raider, the char I feel the most comfortable on running raids. She’s somewhat versatile being a light spammer healer with turn undead check maxed out with gear. Light spell power over 800 and a max evocation dc of 93 (with gear swap). Thazara is the char with the most gear swaps as I use different gear in different raids.

Maidae is supposed to be a monk, but is also collecting past lives. She’s currently on her third fighter life and will do 3x paladin next for more heal amp. Since I switched from bow to crossbow and from AA to inquisitive and shiradi, I’m really enjoying playing this char and she’s the char I play the most when not raiding. End goal is to end up as a handwraps monk again.

Cerge’s goal is still completionist. But, as I like to keep two characters capped, when Maidae is reincarnating, Cerge is running raids. Cerge is on his 9th life and 9th class, which means he has 5 classes left to go before completionist. I’m expecting this to be 6, though, as we’ve been promised a new class this year. Cerge is also doing epic lives between TRs and is currently enjoying being an inquisitive trapper. Next life I expect he’ll be a similar build, except have rogue as his main class instead of artificer.

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Thazara’s gear Sharn edition

I’ve spent quite a few evenings farming Sharn with Hamster, Osi and some others, and there are still a few items I’d like to have to finish my gear. I did, though manage to finish my set with what I currently have, and update the spreadsheet. Check out tab August 9, 2019 by clicking on the image below for the latest gear setup. Click on the other tabs to see older setups.

Just a short blog to post something different from the raids blogs.

I might do another ‘this is my cleric’ video at some point, if I have the time and energy.

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