Raids week 83


Last week Saturday I logged on at a bit after 9 pm my time and posted for babas. The post said something like R1/EE or hard depending on group. I got some joiners I know, some that have run with me before and Carlinee joined to tank. That character had been made specifically for the purpose of tanking this raid. I asked Carlinee to decide the difficulty, but I ended up picking EE. We were talking about insta killers for totems and it seemed like my and Osi’s mass frog were the only ones we had. I asked Osi to go left and pick his team, I went right with the rest. First run through the hut went well, but when we ported back out to the main area I (and someone else) got stuck in loading. Once I was back out I had the hut on top of me and before I could get up long enough to cast a heal, I was dead. So I piked most of the second time fighting baba. Second time through the hut also went well, but I had one of the totems save against frog. We didn’t have too many wisps and managed with almost no deaths. In the end fight when shamblers spawned, one of them ran off before Carlinee could grab aggro. This was quickly resolved though and shamblers were moved a good bit to the side. The raid completed in 46 minutes and Savior, the Breaker of ChainsEcho of the IconVoid, the Endless Cold and a +7 to +8 con tome dropped.


Next I wanted to do Strahd hard. A couple of spots opened up and I lfm’d for them. As we were in, waiting for everyone to enter, one of the joiners said they didn’t feel up for it (or something like that). I gave him a moment to drop, but since he didn’t I kicked him and put the lfm back up. The spot was filled almost right away. I didn’t get a trinket this week either and Lujaan took the sunsword again. During the first shadow fight something strange happened. My guess is that it was some spell/attack or aura someone was using that turned the shadows from shadows to frogmen. I’ve never seen that before. It would seem that the shadows are frogmen with a dark shadow on them and if you somehow manage to remove that shadow they look like frogmen. We get to the stairs and I get gripped, but the trinket bearers are quick to react and I get rescued. During stairs our trapper falls down so we wait a bit before continuing. In the heart fight I ask someone to tank Strahd, but they step to far away from the group and die. We manage fine anyway. After finishing that fight we d-door with the dead, shrine and spread out by doors. Aldurna stayed behind to talk to the NPC. We open doors, light torches and finish the doors part in record time. Head to the end fight, wait for everyone to be alive before starting. Lujaan was on strahd and Deinan on brides. I decided to focus on healing Deinan instead of spamming spells at strahd.  The raid completed in 30 minutes and Bell of WardingDivinity, the Morninglord’s Goal and Duality, the Moral Compass dropped.

After strahd I didn’t ask the group what they wanted to run, but said I was going to post for LTS. Most of the party stayed, but we didn’t have a str character. It took us about 15 min to get a joiner who could to str for us. The run was pretty standard, fire & ice completed quickly, I picked up the rune and ran after the group. Oh, and I was all excited about imploding the fire reaver in fire. 🙂 We waited a bit outside the short cut door before heading in, which meant the ones who entered before the rest of the party died inside. Rust monster fight completed quickly, we shrined (or some of us did) and headed to the end. This week who ever aggro’d Sor’jek managed to keep him parked facing the corner for most of the fight which made the end fight a lot easier than last week. The raid completed in 31 min (because some started the raid while I was waiting for a str char) and a few named items dropped.

Now I asked the party what they wanted to run and the majority said Defiler. Osi wanted to do EE, so we gave it a try. At first the instance seemed fine, very little lag, but as soon as we realised we weren’t killing the executioners fast enough (and maybe couldn’t even find all) we were also hit with a bit of lag and soon failed and were booted. I asked if the party wanted to try again on hard, and posted. Most of the party members left and we were left with only 4 people, including me. I believe we waited at least 30 min for joiners and decided to short man when we were 2 people short of a full group. The run was standard and dull. We managed to kill all the executioners, reinforcements, the snake and the boss. The raid completed in 21 minutes and Gauntlets of the Arcane SoldierCountenance and Resonation dropped.

After waiting so long to get a party for Defiler, I didn’t feel like running more raids after it.
That’s all for raids 83.
Until the next time.


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