Regearing Thazara a bit

So, several new quests have been released and Thaz’s gear hasn’t been updated in a while. I looked at her gear and how to improve it. Ravenloft has a lot of nice gear, but some of them would lose me things that I can’t get anywhere else, so I couldn’t switch them out, for example the spell lore on embers and the impulse on earthen mantle.

This is what I came up with. I also want to point out that Thaz has the following tomes: +7 con and wis and +6 the rest.

Goggles: Visions of Precision with Mythic Goggle Boost +1, augments: Topaz of Fear Immunity, Golem’s Heart
Head: Epic Halcyonia, augment: Globe of True Imperial Blood
Neck: Epic Noxious Embers, augments: Sapphire of Resistance +8, Diamond of Insightful Intelligence +2
Trinket: Epic Litany of the Dead, augment: Diamond of Festive Wisdom +2, Diamond of Festive Intelligence +2
Armor: Platemail of the Celestial Sage with Mythic Armor Boost +2, augments: Sapphire of Spell Agility +15, Diamond of Vitality +20
Cloak: Legendary Earthen Mantle, augment: Draconic Soul Gem
Bracers:  Legendary Lore-Fueled Packbanner, augment: Sapphire of False Life +40
Belt: Legendary Plateshard Belt (Belt), augment: Diamond of Concentration +13
Ring 1 (always on): Legendary Chieftain, augment: Sapphire of Good Luck +2
Boots: Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Boots of Concordant Opposition (Blindness Immunity, +150 sp)
Gloves: Gauntlets of the Arcane Soldier, augments: Diamond of Dexterity +8, Diamond of Strength +7
Ring 2 (possibly swap): Legendary Brazenband, augment: Topaz of Greater Evocation
Main hand: Dusk, the Light Descends, augments: Meridian Fragment. Sentient gem with the following filigrees:  Embraced by Light: Healing Amp, Embraced by Light: Light Spellpower, Embraced by Light: Wisdom, To Hell and Back: Spellpower, To Hell and Back: MRR, Grandfather’s Shield: Healing Amp, Grandfather’s Shield: PRR
Offhand: Libram of Silver Magic, augment: Ruby of Devotion +138

Some of the things on the gear are of no use to Thaz, or doesn’t stack with the others, the devotion on the libram I’ve left there even though it doesn’t stack with Halcyonia.
Here are the things Thaz’s gear does give her. Different types stack:
Legendary Chieftan: +18 wisdom, quality wisdom +4
Visions of Precision: +4 insightful wisdom
Festive gem: +2 festive wisdom
Legendary Plateshard Belt: +19 constitution
Legendary Lore-Fueled Packbanner: +9 insightful constitution, 50 prr
Platemail of the Celestial Sage: +159 fortification, +2 prr and mrr, +27 quality potency, blurry and deathblock, +2 quality reflex
Epic Halcyonia: +150 devotion, 10% magical efficiency, healing lore +20%
Epic Noxious Embers Spell lore XVII – this I believe you can’t get anywhere else
Legendary Earthen Mantle: Impulse +185 (for blade barrier)
Legendary Brazenband: Insightful evocation focus +3
Gauntlets of the Arcane Soldier: Quality spell focus +1 (stacks with evocation focus), spellcraft +20 (adds to e.g. force and light spellpower), Wizadry XI +275 sp
Epic Litany of the Dead gives +2 to all stats
Dusk: Spellcasting implement +29 (stacking universal spellpower), radiance +208, radiance lore +30%, evocation focus +8
Libram of Silver Magic: Charisma +11 (turns), Intelligence +11 (adds to spellcraft), insightful potency + 10, insightful spell lore II
Festive gem +2 festive intelligence

Other augments give her:
Fear immunity
Golem’s Heart: +2 chance to be healed 20 to 120 hit points and deal 50 to 300 points of electric damage to surrounding enemies on hit.
Globe of True Imperial Blood: +1 exceptional bonus to all stats
+ 8 to all saves
+2 insightful intelligence
Dragonic Soul Gem +30 elemental resistance
+13 concentration
+2 evocation
+ 8 dexterity (for reflex save)
+ 7 strength
+2 good luck bonus to saves and skills
false life +40 hp
vitality +20 hp
Spell agility +15, reduces spell failure by 15% when casting arcane spells (that is any time Thaz UMD’s an arcane scroll. With heavy armor she’d otherwise have 35% chance of failure)
Meridian Fragment -6 sp for Maximised spells +8 psionic bonus to spell power for 20 seconds, stacks up to 3 times.

Thaz is an evoker and light spammer, she spams light spells, uses implosion and blade barrier as well as mass frog. Her focus is on light spell power, evocation and crits of her spells. She also needs constitution, prr and saves for survivability. She’s constantly a work in progress, but her build doesn’t change much.
Thaz has so far 13 reaper points that have been spent on wisdom +3, spell power and dc’s.

These are Thaz’s stats with all buffs running on her ship (pic taken before consuming the +6 to +7 con tome). I activated The Blood is The Life before taking this screenshot, which among other things gives temporarily +100 fortification. I also activated Ascendance which gives +2 wisdom and +2 charisma.

This is what it looks like in a reaper quest (pic taken before consuming the +6 to +7 con tome):

These are Thaz’s skills since switching out Epic Belt of Thoughtful Rememberance with +20 concentration (pic taken before consuming the +6 to +7 con tome):

And if you’ve gotten this far, Thaz’s current build is Thazara 1.6, found under the Build Plans tab.

That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by and hope this was helpful.

P.S. As I’m looking at my augment list, I realised that golem’s heart really isn’t useful to me anymore, so I may switch that one out for something else.

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