Mists of Ravenloft – the videos

Someone had asked if I was planning to do more videos running Thazara, so I decided to record Thaz running the new Ravenloft quests. I flagged Thaz on R1 with Doobrey, as for these videos I solo’d EE for loot. Doobrey told me nothing drops on EH, and since R1 costs me more sp that EE, I decided to do EE. To tell the truth, I was surprised at how easy the quests felt. Thazara is my oldest character that I played past level 2. My very first character was also an elf cleric, but that character has long since been deleted.

Anyway, Thaz is on her first heroic life, has 10 epic past lives and is on her 6th build plan. The current build plan Thazara 1.6, is a light spammer evoker, using sun domain. She uses heavy armor has a bit over 500 light and positive spell power and some force spell power for implosion. I am using a toggle macro for light spamming, I need to turn it off to cast other spells (blade barrier, heals, divine wrath). As seen in some of the videos, I chose to remove arcane pulse from my macro for some of the quests, as it’s the most sp costly spell I currently use in the macro. The other spells/ SLAs cost between 2 and 12 sp. Thaz’s gear is not up to date with the new pack, I am looking at to improve it once I’ve acquired things that fit her gear setup. You can see Thaz’s current gear setup here (scroll down below the build plan).

Now on to the videos. The quests below have to be completed in order to flag for the Stahd raid.
Note: In some of these videos I’m running the quest solo for the first time, and don’t know the map well enough to not run around looking for the objectives.

Intro quest

01. Into the Mists

In the Shadow of the Castle (1st chain)

02. Death House

03. Fresh-baked Dreams

04. An Invitation to Dinner

The Vampire Hunters (2nd chain)

05. Oath of Vengeance

06. A Raven at the Door

07. A Mad Tea Party

08. Sealed in Amber

The Light of the Land (3rd chain)

09. The Final Vintage

10. Wrath of the Earth

11. Ravens’ Bane

12. Sunrise


The Curse of Strahd

Old Baba’s Hut

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