Raids week 57

This is the post for last Saturday’s raids, as I haven’t had a chance to do it until now. Last Sat I posted for Baba’s raid first and we filled somewhat quickly. At 9.30 pm my time (3.30 pm EST) we were in and ready to start. I had posted for LN. I again refused to split the party up, but let everyone decide a side for themselves. The run was quick and easy, but again one of the objectives failed to complete, so we didn’t get a completion and decided to run again. A few party members left and got replaced and we ran again. Second run was also smooth and quick. For Thaz, when we’re inside the hut, killing trash is quite easy as she can both frog and implode most of them, so that’s what I was doing. While we were doing puzzles I helped kill trash and we had people that were really good at the puzzles so puzzles were getting completed quickly. The second run completed in 23 minutes.

Then off to the Strahd raid. Most of the party stayed on for the run, and I gave the free spot to someone who’d asked for a Strahd run when I posted for baba’s. This was my 4th or 5th time running this raid, but I still felt a bit unclear about some of the details, so was asking questions during the run, while trying to lead some of the newer people. I think we had a least one first timer. Most of the run progressed smoothly, but in the end fight we failed to get Strahd and his brides down at the same time, and ended up having to redo it. The raid finished in 23 minutes.

As  always I asked the party what they wanted to run next. Earlier a couple of people had asked for a Defiler, but since neither of them were there at the time we were done with Strahd, I went with another option. I got a few suggestions, but it seemed like several wanted a Shroud run, so I switched to Cerge and posted. Since, as I’ve said before, I find Shroud to be really boring of late, I posted for R1. Some people wanted to join, one of them decided to do a quick flag. Usually I don’t wait for people to flag, but as we ended up waiting anyway, I decided to wait 10 min longer for them to finish flagging. I was surprised to find that our group was weak for R1. We struggled through P1 but getting to P2 we were all dead before the reds were prepped. Paizo was doing crystal and he had to come back and raise the rest of us twice. As all our gear was getting broken, someone called a wipe and released and someone else followed. I got a bit annoyed with this and decided we continue without them. My rule is that I call a wipe, not someone else. If you release before I’ve called a wipe, I will hesitate about letting you join next time. We released and I suggested we do a hard run instead. Several of the people in the R1 run left, and I waited a bit for a few more before starting. Someone joined only to realise they weren’t flagged just as we were stepping in, and I didn’t want to wait any longer, so decided to short man. The hard run was smooth and we finished in 38 minutes with a minimum amount of deaths.

It was already 1 in the morning for me and I was getting tired, but was down for one more raid. Some party members wanted RSO, and I posted for it. I figured we’d short man normal, but slowly people started joining and we ended up filling. As a few of the members were first timers, I was fine with sticking to normal. Over all the run was smooth, but as we were going to the west to do the west side puzzles, someone decided to run off on their own to complete the north puzzles, and several party members followed them instead of going south with me. “South now, people. We go north last” is what I said. Of course it really doesn’t matter, but as I couldn’t complete the south myself and we still need to go north last to get to the shrine, I was a bit annoyed with the party not following me, lol. Things worked out anyway, we finished the puzzles, shrined and headed to the end fight. Someone got a bit left behind and struggled to find their way to the shrine. There’s two ways to get to it from the west, either go all the way north and jump up and over the wall, or go south of the ravine and run east to the bridge. There is no way up from the ravine on the east side. the end fight was somewhat smooth and we finished in 40 minutes.

After RSO it was almost 2 in the morning and I was done for the night.
That’s all for last weeks raids.
Until tonight.





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