The tourist route in Lord of the Blades

Here is a video clip of the tourist route. You can jump off to get to the LoB fight – if someone has gone the other way to open the barrier first. If not, jumping off will only cause you to die in the acid water.

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Walking on lava

On Saturday during raids 170 we wanted to test if you could survive on the rocks below in Too Hot to handle. While Osi was testing divine intervention, I found that in your ghost form, you not only could run on lava, you were running in the air above it.

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Latest about the interest in the raids

The last x number of weeks I’ve been posting for raids on Wednesdays and Saturdays on Orien server (check out Orien Raiding Discord). Saturday is the main raid night, with Wednesday as the second raid night. I usually want to run PN and THTH, after which I let the party suggest raids to run. I make my decision based on my own wants, but also on the difficulty of the raid and my experience in the interest in the raid in question – will I be able to fill the party and can we short man if we don’t? Here’s the list of raids I mostly do.

Project Nemesis

On Saturday I can fill 2 or 3 runs of this raid easily. I usually do hard, as elite is a lot more stressful and hard has better drop chances than normal. Hard is the default difficulty. On Wednesdays I can usually fill one or two runs, it’s common that at least one Wednesday run is short man, either on normal or hard. Short manning normal is easy enough, even without a tank.

Too Hot to Handle

This raid is harder than PN and also slightly harder to fill. On Saturday my PN group commonly stays for more than one raid and we then have a full group for THTH. On Wednesdays we’ve run 1 or maybe even 2 man short, less than that and I won’t run it. The difficulty I run is normal and we haven’t yet completed a diff above normal.

Killing Time

Killing Time is easy to fill and we easily run hard with almost any group with a tank-like character on dragon. We have completed a few elite runs, but mostly stick to hard for quick and easy.  Occasionally we’ve ended up 1 person short.

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The solo raids project – update

Solo raids is a project I started a little over 3 years ago, when Maidae was a monkcher. I believe the idea came to be when I decided to try soloing The Fall of Truth. Here’s the list of raids I’ve done so far and the date when I uploaded the video.

Epic Normal (level 25) The Fall of Truth May 22, 2016

Epic Elite (level 24) Against the Demon Queen (pre raid quest) May 22, 2016

Epic Elite (level 24) Zawabi’s Revenge May 22, 2016

Elite (level 22) Tower of Despair Jun 5, 2016

Epic Elite (level 23) The Chronoscope Jun 24, 2016

Elite (level 19) The Shroud Jul 15, 2016

Elite (level 12) Tempest’s spine Aug 31, 2016

Legendary Normal (level 32) Tempest’s Spine Aug 31, 2016
– in this one I cheated and used an alt for int rune

Elite (level 16) The Reaver’s Fate Dec 30, 2016

Elite (level 13) The Titan Awakes and The The Twilight Forge Jan 28, 2017
– I cheated and used two alts

Epic Normal (level 24) Caught in the Web Apr 23, 2017

Elite (level 20) Hound of Xoriat Nov 4, 2019

Elite (level 20) A Vision of Destruction Nov 4, 2019

Epic Normal (level 30) Defiler of the Just Nov 5, 2019

I love running raids and while leading raids and figuring out how to get parties through is it’s own challenge, having to do the same thing solo is a different kind of challenge. When you’re running a raid solo, if you die it’s usually over. So staying alive is key – as well as being able to complete all the objectives solo.

Here’s to more solo raids.

Project Nemesis – figuring out the mechanics

The second raid of Sharn has a lot of things going on and it’s been a lot of fun trying to (together with other raiders on Orien) figure everything out. This is what I have so far.

When you enter the raid, the rune panel is lit up. There are 5 runes at the bottom, each with a different symbol and 3 runes next to the head with what I consider the “lock” symbol. When the lock symbols are lit, the locks on the door can be opened, which is part of the failure mechanism.

The “lock” runes, the head and the rune panel
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Orien Raiding

We have a new player run discord server dedicated to Orien raiding. If you’re on Orien server and are interested in running raids, feel free to join:

The server is intended for everyone, no matter skill level. We have a calendar where anyone who wants to schedule a raid can create an event, and we are planning to do more learning runs.


How to flag for the raids

At some point I decided to record myself flagging for the different raids, and for most of them I also did a blog. Here is the whole collection of blogs and/or videos.

The Chronoscope

No flagging

Tempest’s Spine

No flagging

The Vault of Night & Plane of Night

How to flag for The Vault of Night

The Twilight Forge & The Titan Awakes

How to flag for the Titan raid

Zawabi’s Revenge

How to flag for Against the Demon Queen

The Reaver’s Fate

How to flag for The Reaver’s Fate

The Shroud

How to flag for The Shroud

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Riding the Storm Out

I was running one of the new quests released in Update 39 (Plume Mountain) and happened to get Celestial Beacon. Noticing the Hallowed effect on this item, and Thaz recently redoing her gear, I started wondering if I could turn the skellies in RSO. I had also read about the enhancement “Mighty Turning” in Radiant Servant.

My first try I went in solo, using the stick. I couldn’t kill the skellies. I recalled and adjusted my points in Radiant Servant to get Mighty Turning and tried again. This time the skellies died. I went back in on hard and couldn’t kill the skellies, so I swapped two gear items, belt and neck to get Legendary Dawn’s Herald-Charm (swapped to con belt not to lose con) and tried again. This time the non orange skellies died on hard. On normal I was able to kill oranged named too, but on hard they were immune. Hamster joined me for some testing ad we tested elite and reaper 1 as well, and I was able to successfully turn and kill the non orange and red skellies on EE and R1.

The next day I decided to see if I could get to the dragon by myself. My intent was not to fight the dragon, but I wanted to test doing puzzles. My first attempt I got killed by the king, who hurts even on normal.

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Mists of Ravenloft – the videos

Someone had asked if I was planning to do more videos running Thazara, so I decided to record Thaz running the new Ravenloft quests. I flagged Thaz on R1 with Doobrey, as for these videos I solo’d EE for loot. Doobrey told me nothing drops on EH, and since R1 costs me more sp that EE, I decided to do EE. To tell the truth, I was surprised at how easy the quests felt. Thazara is my oldest character that I played past level 2. My very first character was also an elf cleric, but that character has long since been deleted.

Anyway, Thaz is on her first heroic life, has 10 epic past lives and is on her 6th build plan. The current build plan Thazara 1.6, is a light spammer evoker, using sun domain. She uses heavy armor has a bit over 500 light and positive spell power and some force spell power for implosion. I am using a toggle macro for light spamming, I need to turn it off to cast other spells (blade barrier, heals, divine wrath). As seen in some of the videos, I chose to remove arcane pulse from my macro for some of the quests, as it’s the most sp costly spell I currently use in the macro. The other spells/ SLAs cost between 2 and 12 sp. Thaz’s gear is not up to date with the new pack, I am looking at to improve it once I’ve acquired things that fit her gear setup. You can see Thaz’s current gear setup here (scroll down below the build plan).

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