Thazmaniac does Gianthold

Shortly after I bought Sharn I wanted to turn my reserved name Thazmaniac into a tiefling – since I wanted her to look like a devil. I haven’t had much time to play her, but starting at level 7 I’ve gotten her to 15 (14) in the pictures, and I’ve been soloing heroic R1 with a hireling. R1 has been feeling quite easy so I could probably have done R2. I also made an assistant character on an alt account to help me out in crucible and pop.

Here are some of the screenshots from the last runs.

In PoP I took out all the bosses – including the marilith
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SPOILER Sharn The Cogs

The Cogs is a wilderness located in Sharn. All the quests here are full walkups with no quest giver. Most of the quests are also quick, one of them is a bit longer and one can be long if you decide to do it that way. There are 8 quests in the cogs and they can be completed in any order. Here are my screenshots, adding the sharn loading screen to hide the spoilers.

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SPOILER Sharn first chain

I tired to grab a few screenshots while running the quests, but I don’t have a lot yet. Most of the quests I’ve only done once, some twice. Here are my screenshots from the first chain and some of the public area.

My first experience of Sharn is that the public area is very pretty. Apparently you don’t fall very far if you decide to jump off, but end up back up to. I didn’t test it out though.

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Static group running reaper in Vale


Then it was time to start flagging for heroic Shroud. We started with a R1 Running with the Devils and after a successful and quite easy run of that one, we headed to The Coalescence Chamber. Ruff, who was running it for the first time suggested we run it R3, which is a difficulty that has been giving us a challenge, but is still doable. I told him he’d regret it, but said sure and we entered on R3.

Coal chamber is long and at level 18 it used to take me about 45 minutes to guide a pug through it elite. This run I had died so much my gear started to break before we even reached the first key. I normally park Jarvanna at the quest entrance and bring her into play only when everyone else has died – this happened a lot more this run and I had to keep her close by for most of the quest, as well as using her to clear mobs in some areas, since Judet ran out of sp. Eventually we finished, and I think we all agreed that R3 was more of a challenge than it was worth.

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Thazara does White Plume Mountain

Some time ago I was sent a tell asking when I was going to make a video of Thazara running White Plume Mountain EE solo, and I replied that I hadn’t intended to do one, but that I could if the person wanted me to. They said yes and the run has been in the plans for a while, but I guess I kept forgetting. White plume mountain isn’t a quest I’ve done more than a few times before, so a week or so ago I did a quick heroic run just to get a feel of the amount of mobs and fights I’d be facing. Today I decided to finally do the run. The first time I stepped in I got the riddle wrong, and not wanting to waste sp on fighting the cat I teleported out and reset the quest. Second try I died fighting the vampire, as I didn’t get out of the blue circle fast enough. I didn’t count the first one as an attempt, though, so on the second actual attempt I managed to complete. The mobs hit hard, but so did I, and as long as I kept staying away of harms way and healing myself, I actually didn’t have any issues killing the mobs – and I managed to do so without running out of sp this time.  Have a look at some screenshots and the video below.

In the key room I ended up fighting the ooze
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Maidae does reaper eTR

I wanted to do 3 epic lives on Maidae before her next TR. Since this isn’t Maidae’s first time running the sagas, I didn’t see a point in running quests on higher than R1 (the xp gain for running higher doesn’t match the extra difficulty). Here are a couple of pictures from Sschindylryn:

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Running against the clock

Last week when Hamster and Maidae were running Storms Horns, just as we were about to do A break in the Ice, a world notification popped up. Apparently the servers were to go down for a restart. Hamster looked at the forums and discord, I checked twitter, but we couldn’t find any other information about it. We decided to try and run the quest anyway, hoping that we either finish or that the warning was false.

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