Running against the clock

Last week when Hamster and Maidae were running Storms Horns, just as we were about to do A break in the Ice, a world notification popped up. Apparently the servers were to go down for a restart. Hamster looked at the forums and discord, I checked twitter, but we couldn’t find any other information about it. We decided to try and run the quest anyway, hoping that we either finish or that the warning was false.

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It’s people!

Since I still haven’t managed to find all the filigrees I want, any time I log on and only have a short amount of time to play, or I’m just too tired to focus much, I’ve bee doing filigree farming with Doobrey. Yesterday as we were running Fresh-baked Dreams, the red named optional werewolf aggro’d on Doobrey, then got stuck by the npcs that hadn’t yet activated. I was laughing at him growling and showing his teeth, while not able to proceed. In the screenshot I also noticed this text: “Hear me! Dream pies are not what you believe. These women are hags and their baking made from people!”

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Mists of Ravenloft – the videos

Someone had asked if I was planning to do more videos running Thazara, so I decided to record Thaz running the new Ravenloft quests. I flagged Thaz on R1 with Doobrey, as for these videos I solo’d EE for loot. Doobrey told me nothing drops on EH, and since R1 costs me more sp that EE, I decided to do EE. To tell the truth, I was surprised at how easy the quests felt. Thazara is my oldest character that I played past level 2. My very first character was also an elf cleric, but that character has long since been deleted.

Anyway, Thaz is on her first heroic life, has 10 epic past lives and is on her 6th build plan. The current build plan Thazara 1.6, is a light spammer evoker, using sun domain. She uses heavy armor has a bit over 500 light and positive spell power and some force spell power for implosion. I am using a toggle macro for light spamming, I need to turn it off to cast other spells (blade barrier, heals, divine wrath). As seen in some of the videos, I chose to remove arcane pulse from my macro for some of the quests, as it’s the most sp costly spell I currently use in the macro. The other spells/ SLAs cost between 2 and 12 sp. Thaz’s gear is not up to date with the new pack, I am looking at to improve it once I’ve acquired things that fit her gear setup. You can see Thaz’s current gear setup here (scroll down below the build plan).

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Reaper 10



Yesterday me and Darth were at one of my colleague’s birthday party, and when I got home I wanted to see if there possibly was a post up for the new raid, as I’ve been seeing it up a few times already. There was one, but it wasn’t filling, so I joined Doobrey for a quick run of Into the Mists. As we finished another group that was running the raid just finished their run and put the post up again. Both of us decided to join that group instead, but only Doobrey managed to get in. I switched to Cerge to run a quest on him, and as I was checking my gear Max sends me a tell asking if I could come heal some high level reaper quests. I asked which quests and then decided to switch and join. They of course were asking for Thazara, not Cerge.

I was kind of tired and had had a few beers, also I’ve never done anything above reaper 3, so I was quite intimidated. I quickly learned that it was all about the CC, as well as avoiding aggro. If I got aggro of anything that wasn’t a reaper, I pretty much died right away. We did Memoirs of an Illusory LarcenerTavern Brawl and Subversion on reaper 10. Since I was there as a healer, I only did a minimum amount of dps, and mostly focused on throwing heals if anyone took damage, as well as throwing raises. In Tavern Brawl we ran into trouble, when one of the orthons turned out to be a champion that couldn’t be cc’d. We ended up dying about 3 times there. The rest was quite pleasant with the wizards cc’ing the mobs and the melees doing most of the dps. The quests gave me a lot of reaper xp.

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Mists of Ravenloft – the quests

On Friday I finally finished flagging Thazara for the new raid. I’ve been running the flagging quests on legendary R1 with Doobrey since the pack came out, a quest or a few per night if I’ve been able to log on. Here are some screenshots from and commentary on the runs.

Into the Mists

This is the short intro quest everyone has to do before getting to Barovia. I failed to get any good screenshots of it.

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Running U31 quests with the static group

As I may have mentioned, I run with Valdayanie and  Schoan once a week or once every other week and the plan is to finish of our EDs, then eTR + TR. As we play so little, things have been going slow, and since Schoan doesn’t have all the packs, we have been running a bit of the same quests over and over. This week I suggested we do the U31 quests for a bit of a change. As we are xp’ing, running in off EDs, I figured it’d be best to stick to hard. Below are some screenshots from today’s runs.

Elf Courier in Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener 
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Epic Detour Reaper 2

Yesterday I posted for Detour again, or well first time since the last eTR. The post was for max level 24 for max reaper xp and R2. Even though the post was up and I was hoping for joiners, I had somewhat of a plan for in case I have to solo.

I go in, talk to Bensen, activate the first mobs, then realise I forgot to summon my raiser hireling. I run back to the door to summon him. Bensen apparently kills the mobs, then follows me into the room. Retry, I park the hire at the door and rush onwards to the first mobs. Lots of backwards running and switching between improved precise shot and archer’s focus (ips for groups of mobs, the other for when I had just one). I make it to the gate, jump up on it and take the first short cut. Things are progressing nicely, and when I get to the shrine I jump up on it and shoot from a safe-ish spot (some of the mobs did jump up to me).

Bensen helping out for once, holding the wolves
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More reaper

On Monday I attempted to run A small problem R1 and that didn’t go so well, even with an almost full party.. so struggled through Lords of Dust instead short man. Wednesday I posted for Servants and started solo. I was level 20, the quest is lvl 21 on normal, so I was at a somewhat good level for reaper, but I felt weak and under-powered. After the first wave a melee monk joined me and I was happy for the help. He may have had many more past lives than me, but he seemed surprised at the difficulty of the quest and was impressed with my build for not dying all the time, lol. I was happy for the compliment of course, but I didn’t really feel like my build is that good.. it has its quirks and it is a kiter build. I feel like that’s my thing.. I kite. I guess that’s why I’ve come to like ranged characters a lot of late. How not to die? Don’t get hit, which of course is quite hard when you’re a melee. For melees you just need a lot of prr, mrr, dodge if you can manage, displace, and enough heals to stay alive. My build has evasion, dodge, some prr and some heals, I survive by running backwards while I shoot, or by perching. For my build perching makes things take longer, as I use adrenaline in combination with improved precise shot to do as much damage as possible, and it’s hard if not impossible to ips when perching.

Anyway, the quest was long with a lot of deaths, but we eventually finished. I’ve decided to hide the monk’s name, while I kept Niv’s name in the screenshots.. as Niv only joined and got to us as we were in the end fight, fighting the last two mobs – the priestess and the hezrou.

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Sometimes you have to solo

I’m generally not a fan of soloing, as I enjoy the company of other players.. so unless I’m multiboxing, I tend to lfm for the quests I want to do. But with the addition of reaper difficulty and the limitations of it, getting people to join my lfm has been getting harder. Getting joiners for EE was already difficult at times, but reaper has become a challenge. I don’t like waiting around too long for people to join my lfm, so most of the time I’ll pick a difficulty I can (with some difficulty) solo and hope that someone joins me in progress.

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Running some reaper

I hadn’t done Tower of Frost on legendary, and I wanted to do the U35 quests on reaper. Yesterday I posted for The Newcomers 1 skull reaper, and my party filled rather fast. When I had a full party I suggested we do Black and Blue on 2 skulls, which wasn’t much more difficult. Today I wanted to do Tower of Frost on reaper 3, but after a long wait and no one joining, I lowered to 2 skulls and started solo. I was half way through second floor when I got my first joiner, and soon after we filled. The quest got a lot easier with more people, and we progressed nicely. The end fight was a bit challenging with the boss killing us over and over, but all in all it was a good run.

I noticed a few things during these runs, though. Thaz has been struggling to be useful for more than heals and rebuke foe in legendary raids, but here I was keeping up with the kill count. In the U35 quests I was imploding, spamming light spells and even mass frogging a few mobs… in Tower of Frost I couldn’t implode quite as much, but with comet and divine wrath in combination with the other spells, I too was getting some kills. I only had to step back a bit as I was draining on mana. Oh, and I noticed that I had healed Hoytarcher for over 10k with Divine Wrath one time. That’s more to him having awesome heal amp, than to me being an awesome healer, lol.

Anyway, here are Thaz’s stats at the start of The Newcomers:

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