EEraids completion times – the spreadsheet

I recall posting about this before, but I have enhanced the spreadsheet a bit since then. Here are the statistics for the EEraids done so far (that is, since I started calling them EEraids). I have made the spreadsheet publicly viewable, so if you wish, you can come back to it later and see where it’s at.

Currently it only contains Deathwyrm and Fire on Thunder Peak, but I may add more later. I have added completion time, deaths and monsters killed, I may add other things later if they are of interest. The time is based on the screenshots I took at the end of the raid. Since it seems like the clock does not stop on completion, it may be that others may have a slightly different completion time depending on when they took the screenie.

Click on the image below to view the spreadsheet

More info and the screenshots can be found in the blog, the blog’s name will be something like “EEraids xx”. I can add the links to the spreadsheet if there is interest in it.

That’s all, ty for stopping by and do join me for the raids sometime.


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