Raids week 45

On Saturday, I and Darth were over at a friend’s place playing the  D&D board game Wrath of Ashardalon. I figured we’d play a dungeon or two and I’d be a bit late for raids (I had intended to post for them anyway), but it was closer to midnight (my time) when we got back. Yet, I wanted to log on and post for raids, starting with R2 LTS. I was surprised at the interest. Within a few minutes of posting I had both int and str, and then I just needed more people. A few minutes after midnight (6 pm EST), I had full party and we were ready to get started.

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Raids week 44

Since we were at a concert the week before, there were no raids, but last Saturday I was back at it. For Tempest’s Spine (LTS R2) I got intelligence quickly, but strength was again shining with it’s absence, so when we were almost full one of the party members switched to a str character so we could get started right away. Up until fire & ice we were good.. but then it turned messy. I guess I have gotten used to a few strong casters in the group who can take out the reaver and flenser quickly, but this time people were dying alot, and we just failed at timing over and over again. I was getting frustrated trying to organise without actually telling everyone where to go. Somehow the fire side then got fire pulled closer to the shrine, and I yelled at them to stop and leave him alone (til we could clear trash to ice). We were still dying, but somehow got trash down enough, so when fire mistakenly went down, we were able to kill ice off in time.

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Raids week 43

I posted as per usual a bit after 3 pm EST for LTS reaper 2. I got my str and int as the first two joiners, but then no one was joining for a long time. We waited, and then suddenly people started hitting the lfm. Meliy, who apparently streams every Saturday at 4 pm on DDOstream, asked if he could stream the run. I was a bit hesitant, but figured why not. Just as we were about to start we lost our str. Luckily for us, Meliy had a str character he could bring, so he switched to that one instead and off we went.

Someone turned the beholder into jade. I’m staying away from it

The last person to join the party got killed in wilderness, so I ran back to get him. The rest continued onwards. As I caught up to the party, they had entered the iron golem room, and I got locked out… for a few seconds. Fire and ice was a big mess, with a lot of deaths.. I helped kill fire and didn’t die myself until I started running around looking for people to raise. We got back up, killed off the trash and headed onwards. We had a few deaths on the way to the end fight, but nothing like fire & ice. The end fight was long and boring, but Sor’jek didn’t reset and no one fell off. We finished in 35 min. You can watch Meliy/ Kozma’s stream of the run here.

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Raids week 42

I was maybe 10 min late for my raids last week, but nothing big. I put the lfm up and slowly people started joining. The problem was that several of the joiners were lower level than I would have wanted, and when a 3rd cleric joined, I decided to switch to Maidae instead. I let anyone interested join until the last spot when I realised we still didn’t have a strength character for the levers. The arti’s dog was about 10 points too low, so he started looking at ways to get the str up. I left the lfm up for str, but in the end we used the dog, as non of the players had str.

Fire and ice was  no messier than normally, a few deaths but we had good people and down they went. A couple of people got left in ice, but managed to run past the mobs to get to the rest of us. The dog did a good job on the levers and we finished off the mobs on the way to the end fight ok. The end fight was slow. Not only was it slow, but Sor’jek reset twice. One player got blown off and died and the decided to leave the party. We were low on dps, and after the second reset, I think more than one person went afk of boredom.  I felt like there weren’t too many of us left attacking after a while. I had switched to auto attack, hitting adrenaline, fury and manyshot as well as my other action keys every so often. It took us over an hour to finish. Some named items dropped.

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Raids week 41

I was a little bit late last Saturday, and posted for R2 LTS at about 3.15 pm EST (I try to always post at 3). The group was slow filling, and it wasn’t until one of the last few spots that we got strength. The group filled before we started, and I waited for most before running to the front door. This time I didn’t die, in fact things went really smooth up until the end fight. Most of the party stayed in the safe spot, yet Sorjek reset once. He fell down and then reset. I don’t know what caused him to fall down or if the reset was because of the fall or if one of the party members got knocked off. The end fight was anyway long and boring, but eventually Soejek went down. We finished the raid in 30 min, and I didn’t die at all this run. A few named items dropped.

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Raids week 40

I posted for R2 LTS a few minutes after 9 pm my time (3 pm EST) last Saturday. Haleyh joined as my first party member, and we had intelligence, Jedli as 5th and we had str. A few minutes later we were ready to start. This was my first TS since Thaz’s eTR and me changing her bracers to a pair of crafted ones. This was also the first time in a long while that I died running to the front door. Normally I fireshield and then heal 0-1 time during the run. This time I took 3-4 fireballs to the face and dropped… and got rescued. In fire & ice I died again, I ran to fire and had to get rescued, fire ran off and I think ice needed to die twice. After fire died, I rushed back to the room with the rune to make sure it had opened. The rest of the raid went pretty well. I had most of the party stay in the safe spot during the end fight and and Sorjek didn’t reset. We finished in 26 minutes.

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Raids week 39

I eTR’d Thaz July 30th, and then I was away last weekend, so raids were cancelled. I was trying to get Thaz back to cap before this week’s raids, but didn’t quite make it. I didn’t want to run Thaz in RSO without the level 30 ring I made for it, so I decided to run Maidae instead. I posted for the raids (Tempest’s Spine) at exactly 3 pm EST, and I somewhat quickly got a few joiners. I was a bit worried that I would have issues getting joiners posting on another character than usually, but my worry was in vain. It took 15-20 min to have enough people to start. Fire and ice went really well and we were quickly on our way to the end fight. We managed to do the end fight without Sorjek resetting this time. The raid finished in 24 minutes.

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Raids week 38

Saturday (yesterday) was week 38 since my relaunch of the EEraids. I was a bit late again, but not as late as last week, and posted for LTS reaper 2. The first people to join were the guild Multiverse Agents, which was nice. 🙂 Interest was semi slow at first, and I wasn’t sure if I had both intelligence and strength before the party filled. What was unusual for this week was that we had a full party before we started, and everyone made it to the front door intact. We had a few (less than usually) deaths in fire and ice, Sorjek reset a couple of times in the end fight, but over all it was a quick and easy run. We finished in 24 minutes. 3 armors dropped, what I could see; docent, medium armor and robe of Celestial Sage.

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Raids week 37

Raids 37 was last Saturday. I went for a bike ride earlier in the evening, and when I got home I started feeling sick so taking care of the degus took a lot longer than it usually does and I didn’t post for the raids til 4pm EST (10 pm my time). I posted for LE TS, R2 level 30-30, and it took a good long while before we had enough people to start. The raid itself went well, fire & ice was no real issue, and the end fight we did like last week, fought Sorjek from the safe spot to avoid him resetting.

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Raids week 36

U36 was out last week and for the weekend there was a treasure hunter bonus. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fill my raids since people were running the new quests, and I wanted to do a higher difficulty than usually, both in TS and RSO. Turns out that filling the group wasn’t the biggest issue. We went in on reaper 3 skulls, and things were progressing fine until we got to Sorjek. Yes, we struggled a bit in fire & ice, but not much more than we usually do on R2. We get to the end fight, I do the left side of the puzzle like I usually do and put the rune in. I tell my party to keep Sorjek at the safe spot and we star working on his hp. Ding! Ding! Ding! Sorjek turns towards the pillar to his left – and resets. Disappointed we start over on his hp. A few minutes later same thing, someone dies and Sorjek resets. We try a few different tactics, even kiting him away from the pillars, but every once in a while when someone dies or is dead, he resets. After almost an hour in there on R3, I realise we’re not going to be able to do it and suggest we try on R2 instead.

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