Raid night and Sunday gaming

On Saturday I posted for EE Deathwyrm again.. and then decided to continue flagging friend’s toons for DoJ while I was waiting. I had the post up for a bit over an hour, during which I got a total of 3 joiners of which 2 of them decided to drop my group for an LH HoX and the third went to a doj. Ppl in EEraids channel wanted to do Legendary Tempest Spine, and I told them I can join them if they do, but that I don’t feel ready to host it. I said “I’m one of those who never used to do it heroic, so I don’t feel like I know it well enough”. Half an hour later Durk posted for LH TS an I joined, giving up on EE raids for the week.

The TS run was done in the common way and we collected all required runes. I learned that 60 strength is required for the levers on LH, and with buffs Cerge could easily do it. He’s a bit low on str, as I don’t have a lvl 30 str item for him yet. After TS we also did an LH Shroud where we ended up restarting once due to lag. I was falling asleep during p1 so decided to log off after Shroud and I did.

Sunday I was running Thazara and I started with EE Tor (see video below). I had an lfm up and we did EE 3bc, EE Wheloon and EE Storms horns.. and Thaz got lvl 28 (she was 26 when I logged on). Finished the gaming session by taking level, gearing her for 28 and checking my sagas.

Here’s the video I made of Thaz in EE Tor. Thaz is wearing heavy armor, which has made a big difference from when cap was 25 and Thaz was running around in robes. Thaz’s main spells that she uses are: Sun burst, Sun beam (these two are from Divine Disciple enhancement tree), Blade barrier and and Implosion. The sun spells are used as a crowd control, as they blind the mobs and the other two are for for damage. I also use Divine punishment, Nimbus of light and Searing light. Of the last two I use both the actual spell and the spell like ability. Thaz is a maxed wisdom evoker and light spammer.

That’s all folks, thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

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