EEraids 34

It’s been over a week since EEraids 34, and I’m only now getting around to posting about it. EEraids 34 was Saturday December 26. We did EE Deathwyrm and EE Fotp and after that, Short helped me flag Cerge for Legendary Shroud. Deathwyrm was… a bit tricky this week, as there were several ppl in the group who either didn’t know the raid well enough, or just wasn’t listening. I had Short help me sort the problems as well as we could. The raid took a bit longer than usually at 69/ 74 min. I noticed last time I did these raids that the clock does not stop when the raid finishes, so depending on when I took the screenshot, the time will differ.

Completion time on the first screenshot, notice the difference in the quest report below

In fotp, our first attempt was a wipe. The raid was progressing fine, and suddenly everyone was dead. We retried and finished in 17 min. See the screenshot from just after completion below.

Completion time on first screenshot

And here is the screenshot of the boss in To Curse the Sky 🙂

That’s all I have for you for this time. Thank you for stopping by and a happy new year.


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