Raids week 29

On Saturday I posted at 9pm my time as per usually, starting with Reaper 2 Legendary Tempest’s Spine. My lfm said lvl 28-30, but I did let at least one lvl 26 join. At first we were filling rather slowly, but then we suddenly had an almost full party and I decided to start. We had a couple of reapers on the way to the main entrance (to which we always invis) and I told the party to just ignore them. As I didn’t stay and wait for everyone, I’m not sure if they killed them or ran past them like I did.

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Raids week 27

This week (last Saturday), I was almost on time, but the interest for the raids was quite low. I posted for reaper 2 TS, and it took a while to fill, but eventually we got going. I felt a bit distracted, and didn’t help much, and as we got to end fight, one player had taken the wrong turn and got killed by fire ellies. Half way through the end fight I decided to go get them instead of helping with the fight, and before we got back the raid finished. A few named items dropped.

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Raids week 26

I was a bit late logging on, and apparently this week people were waiting for my post, since as soon as put the post up, people started clicking the lfm and we filled in like 5 minutes. I started with Tempest’s Spine reaper 2. The run was a lot better than last week, but we did have a few deaths, and I got kicked off and had to run back. Luckily I ended up close to the short cut entrance and didn’t have to worry about running into any mobs on the way back. We finished TS in 25 minutes.

The the plan was to do Riding the Storm out LH. I had a good group of people, but I didn’t want to attempt the raid short manned, so we waited. I was looking for people on the who, but the few names I recognised were busy doing other things. After waiting 40-50 minutes without filling the party, I suggested we just short man normal instead. We also had a few first timers, so I figured normal was better anyway. The run was pretty good, we had a few deaths, some miscommunication and we struggled on the last puzzle, but nothing major. I also took screenshots of all the rune pillars and puzzles I found (I didn’t run around the whole area, though), and I intend to continue this next time, in hopes of mapping them all out for future runs. We completed RSO in 50 minutes.

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Raids week 25

Last week I was away so didn’t host any raids, this week I was back again with the plan to do at least Tempest’s Spine and Riding the Storm Out. I decided to post for TS reaper 3 just after 9 pm my time. At first it seemed like I would have to cancel the raids, but then Haleyh and Klorox joined, and it didn’t take too long before I had enough players so we could start.

Things seemed fine up until end fight. We completed fire & ice with the normal amount of deaths (yeah, I died in ice as I usually do), and no one got lost or left behind. We get to end fight and people start dying. Max wondered if Sorjek’s hps were going down at all, but it was just that were were lacking in dps due to deaths. I got blown off at least 3 times and had to run back. Two of the times I ended up near entrance and once time I died and had to be rescued. When Sorjek was down to only a few percent hp, he walked too close to the left pillar and reset…

We were already low on resources and this was an additional blow. At least we managed to always have someone on the platform, and the reset didn’t happen again. After 59 minutes he finally went down an we got our loot and xp. To me the reaper xp was not worth the additional pain that R3 caused us, so next week I’ll be doing R2.

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Raids week 24

I have decided to temporarily rename my weekly raids post to ‘raids week xx’ instead of  ‘LE/EE raids…’, this because we haven’t been mainly focused on the EE completions the last few weeks and I feel the title is misleading.

The plan for last Saturday was to run reaper TS and then 1-2 runs of Riding the Storm Out. Instead we ended up doing TS, RSO and Shroud. TS on reaper 2, RSO on normal and Shroud on hard. I wasn’t really that interested in spending the whole night waiting to fill my party, so I decided to run on a lower difficulty to encourage ppl to join.

TS was good, except for me dying a lot. I’m not exactly sure what the difference was this week… I attacked something, it aggro’d on me and then I was dead. It kept happening over and over, even in the end fight.

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LE/EE raids week 23

After last week’s fiasco with Shroud, this week (well technically last week) I decided I was going to post for Reaper TS, and LN Riding the Storm Out. I posted for TS reaper 3 first, and waited for a full party with a character for strength and intelligence. Both of these joined rather fast, so the rest of the waiting was just for people to join. It took about half an hour to fill, and then another half hour to complete the raid. I managed to not die until the end fight, but during the end fight I got targeted by Sorjek several times and died. Reaper 3 takes about 10 minutes longer than reaper 2, in my experience.

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LE/EE raids week 22

It’s already Thursday night and I’m only now doing the blog about last week’s raids. I did upload the pictures days ago, I just haven’t gotten around to writing the actual blog til now.

Saturday I was a bit late, maybe 15 min, and I posted for LE Shroud. I’ve for the time being given up on attempting to do reaper, as most if not all of my regular raiders are TR’ing. Weii joined me, and we waited… about 40 min before I told him “I give up” and posted for hard instead. He wasn’t convinced it would make a difference.. and it didn’t, much. We got 2 or 3 joiners in half an hour, after which I was quite bored with waiting, so I decided to post for TS instead. Reaper 2.

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LE/EE raids week 21

With the recent release of U35, I kind of expected people to be busy TR’ing, and I’m guessing that was the case this Saturday as well. I posted for LE Shroud at exactly 9pm (3pm EST)… and after about an hour we were only 7 people total. Someone suggested we do TS first to try and fill the party, and that worked… well sort of. I posted for reaper 2 TS and got a full party quite quickly. But after the TS run, I again couldn’t fill my Shroud group, so ended up switching to hard.

Tempest spine was fast and somewhat easy. I died in ice again, and a few people died in the end fight, but it was still pretty smooth.

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LE/EE raids week 20

As per my new routine, I posted for Shroud at 9 pm (3pm EST) on reaper 1 skull difficulty. At first there was really no interest at all, and I was considering cancelling raid night. It did take a long time to fill, over an hour, but eventually we had a full party and were ready to start. With the trees missing in the party, the lag was pretty much non existent, but I felt my party wasn’t quite ready for reaper. In our first attempt the portal keepers started spawning already at the second or third portal and everything turned messy. We did decide to give it a second try.

Second try was a bit better, we were a bit more organized, but at some point we ended up getting split up when chasing keepers, people dying, multiple keepers alive, and it was a failure again. I gave up on reaper. I suggested we run LE instead, but while we were waiting to refill the party after some people left someone suggested hard instead, so we ended up going in on LH.

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LE/EE raids week 19

This week there was a lot of  interest in Shroud reaper 1 skull. As soon as I put the lfm up, people started joining and pretty quickly we had a full group. I warned the party that this raid lags, and that we would restart if it lags too much. We ended up doing this a few times, twice someone recalled before I even had called a recall. So I told the party not to do that, to wait for my say so before recalling. After several restarts due to lag, we decided to do LE instead of reaper, and to just push through. It was a struggle and when we finally finished part 1 our hurler had dc’d. I knew we wouldn’t be able to finish part 2 without a hurler, but we decided to at least try. Not too long in my computer froze and I had to restart it. When I got back, most of the party was dead, so it was time to give up.

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