EE Mask of Deception (spoilers)

I redid Thaz’s enhancements again to reduce her sp usage. I took some aps from my slas, and dropped the additional sp, so I could put more points in efficient metamagics. Then I decided that I wanted to solo EE Mask of Deception. I had run this quest a few times, both heroic elite and epic elite, but this was my first time solo. I didn’t practice and I didn’t quite have my tactics figured out. I felt like the mobs were never ending and I had to start potting quite fast. The run took me 33 min to finish and I used a total of 21 sp pots (i.e. way too many).

After the run I wanted to try and figure out a way to run the quest without killing all the mobs. My first idea was to just blind everything and run past them. I invited a friend along to test it out. We did several recalls and retries before we finally had some tactics down that didn’t recall killing any mobs at all until we picked up the dragon mask. The first two mobs you meet in the quest each drop a mask, the killing blow will land you the mask. If the same person kills both they get two masks in their inventory. We equipped the masks and talked to the guy in the center room, who sends one of his minions to open the south east room. We also talked to the bartender to offer the cultists in the bar a drink (Neutralise the Cultists in the bar). Then we used the hidden door in the south east room to get into the building. We used the poisoned ham to kill off some of the cultists (Poison the Feast), before heading down to the basement to pick up the mask. Then we had to fight our way back into the yard to kill the wizard, after which we could run back to the start. Doing it this way, with the two of us (and the other person having more dps than me anyway), this run too 11 minutes and 25 seconds. I didn’t need to pot at all.

I would like to apologize for the poor quality sound of my mic. My computer broke on Christmas and I’m currently playing on my work computer. The work computer doesn’t have output for mic & headphones, so I bought an USB soundcard that I’m using. I think it’s because of this that there’s that buzzing sound. I have ordered a new computer that hopefully will have better sound than this one.

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6 comments on “EE Mask of Deception (spoilers)

    • 🙂 yeah, I’ve been enjoying this one the most of the new quests. Though, it’s still a bit buggy. The additional 4 masks found south east can’t be equipped, and if you run past the mobs into the feast room, the doors might not open on the way back (I’ve bug reported this)

    • 🙂 I tend to prefer to run quests without killing mobs, as it saves time and resources. I must check if I could somehow find that hidden door on my toons, as I would love to farm that quest for the mythic orb.

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