Pugging Mark of Death

Since getting Thaz, Cerge and Maidae to 28 I’ve been running Mark of Death several nights a week, with pug. Usually either me or someone else posts for multiple runs, and I run til I’m too tired/ have to go to sleep. I have posted a video of most of the raids I run regularly, but never of this one, so last night I decided to record a few runs. I have uploaded two of the videos, I believe this is run 1 and 3 of the night.

Video 1: 7 man eN run without cc for beholders

Video 2: 11 man run with cc

Here is how we do the runs:
1. I assign roles, someone on beholders, someone on archers, ppl for the rooms (d-doors)
2. After the talk, Abbot comes down and we beat him down a bit, after which a d-door opens south, all ppl assigned for rooms go in and kill the death knight, while the rest stay in center and control trash. After the death knight is killed we break the sarcophagus, and someone pics up the goggles. In these run Gil got the goggles, and could after equipping them see the invisible tiles.
3. The tiles are like the tiles in the Abbot raid, they’re on the water from the start of the raid until the 3rd sarc breaks, but you cannot see them without the goggles. Most of us that do rooms, we blind run across them. There is a blue wall between the pillars that you have to go around to reach the d-doors. East room has a bunch of vampires plus a death knight that uses adrenaline and has more drr, the west room has 2 quells and a death knight with tensers that will cause quell’s intercession on you if he hits you (cannot be prevented). When one of the side sarcs are broken, the beholders in center will start to spawn. After both sarcs are broken we can continue to the next bit.
4. After a bit of talk, we can dps Abbot again, and when he teleports up, the 3 death knights spawn in center. We kill them, while avoiding beholders and blue clouds. Blue circles tell you a cloud is about to spawn where it is. Standing in the cloud you are unable to cast spells and keep taking damage until you die, so avoid blue clouds.
5. After death knights are taken care of, Abbot will come down again and we beat him down to finish the raid.

– Other things to think about: archers do more damage the longer they are alive, so they need to be killed asap.
– beholders need to be cc’d or killed asap.
– avoid blue clouds
– if Abbot calls inferno, safe spots are behind the archers (or where they were). If you get hit, drink a curse pot to get rid of the burning curse.

In these runs I was running my melee cleric Cerge. You can check out his build under “Build plans”


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