Thaz cap after eTR3

It took a while but Thaz recently hit cap again. I’ve been thinking about gear and enhancements and I was going to get her wisdom to 66, fully buffed that is.

I dropped some points in both Radiant Servant and Divine Disciple to be able to get one more point of wisdom in Warpriest. I also got some more prr.

I also adjusted her gear a bit from last time (see Here’s Thaz)

I swapped belt to Epic Belt of Thoughtful Rememberance with +40 hp slotted
I swapped out necklace for Epic Noxious Embers and took my old con op goggles back in use.
The Libram got swapped to Epic Blazing Sun and the blue dragonscale armor to Thunderforged heavy armor. Oh, and Litany has been upgraded to Epic Litany

I still need to look at the augments and see what I can do, because even though I got Thaz’s DCs boosted a little bit, she’s missing a bit of spell power from last time, even though I feel she should have more.

Here’s Thaz’s stats fully buffed:

And here’s her DCs on Divine Wrath and Blade Barrier

As you can see if you compare with the previous cap blog, my DC’s are higher, but I’m missing some spell power. One thing I can do is to slot intelligence and insightful intelligence, which will boost spellcraft and in turn spell power. I lost +15 by dropping the blue set.

After doing Thaz’s enhancements and gear, I wanted to run the U24 quests EE for favor. I posted on the lfm and started with Mask of Deception, as it’s in my opinion the easiest one in the group. I quickly got a full group and we did all 4: Mask of Deception, Palace of Stone, Fashion Madness and Terminal Delirium. In Terminal Delirium we had some problems, but it didn’t feel that bad. The most time I felt was spent on mimicking the reflection. Some of the emotes are hard to recognize, and it seems like it doesn’t quite work right all the time, so we waited a bit there. The we also messed up a little, we decided to do the Medusa optional before turning in the mirror, and ended up doing the mimicking twice. Oh, and then the dance challenge, we cc’d the medusas we were up against, but as we hit 98%, the medusas suddenly went to attack and killed us all, lol. We got back up and finished. I think we got 4 chests, or maybe it was 3.

Thaz as a tile, climbing a ladder:

The quest report for Terminal Delirium:


🙂 Okidoke, that’s all for now, Thaz’s adventures continues…

P.S. I need to do a new build plan for the next eTR, I think, just because some things have changed a little.

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