Naming toons

I know I wrote a similar blog before, but as it was some time ago, it probably doesn’t matter if I bring up the subject again. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about the names of my toons, and how most of them lack a surname. When I first checked out the game, I was determined to play a female elf cleric. And I wanted a proper elf name. So I used Random Female Elf Names – Elvin Name Generator to search for a name. My first toon ever was a 28p build, elf cleric named Ajhalanda, on the server Sarlona. I played her to level 2, and then my friend told me he plays on Orien. He first suggested I create a dwarf paladin, who’s name I no longer remember, but I was determined to play an elf cleric. I used the generator again, and found the name Thazara, which means Tha – vigil/ vigilance, zara – lightning. I picked the name because I thought it was pretty, and didn’t really pay any attention to it’s meaning. I didn’t bother with a surname.

Some time later I had gone vip and wanted to try out the monk class. I didn’t have 32p build, so I made a drow elf light monk and named her Zilvlayna. Like the others, I found the name using the generator. I have no idea what it means. After I had unlocked the 32p build with favor on Thazara, I wanted to try playing a sorcerer, and a ninja spy dark monk. I decided to make the monk a half-elf and wanted an elven name for her too. Unlike the others I did not use the generator for this toon, but searched the net, and ended up combining two words; Mai – killer/ slayer and dae – light. I pronounce it “mayday”, which I thought was funny for a melee. 🙂 I also wanted to give her a surname, and for the lack of imagination named her Maidae Shadow, Maidae Shadow the ninja spy.

My sorcerer was to be a warforged and I had no idea how to name a warforged. I googled, and found that warforged might have Noble metal names. I wanted to name him Osmium, but it was taken. I kept spinning the words “warforged sorcerer” in my head, trying to think of a letter combination from it. I kept thinking warserged, cerged, and decided to just got with Cerge. I didn’t give him a surname.

My friend that I was playing with once in a while, he only had one toon, which meant I kept falling behind. I played more than he did, and I’d still fall behind, as I was playing 3 toons, while he only played one. I decided that I wasn’t going to make any more toons, but do completionist on Cerge to try out the other classes. But, when I got asked to join a group of myddo people on the Cannith server, I couldn’t say no. I decided to make a half-elf cleric/monk with sorcerer dilettante. I used the generator again, and named her Keronna; Ker – spell, onna – caster.

At some point my sister decided to try out the game, and I needed a level 1 toon so I could run with her. This would be my first toon that I created without any kind of build plan. I was going to make a half-elf druid, so used the generator to find a name, but on creation ended up making her human. I forgot, and gave her the elven name I had picked for her, Jarvanna; Jar – forest, vanna – dove. I thought it was a fitting name for a druid, forest dove. 🙂

During Mabar my friend Andy kept nagging me to create a burst cleric for Mabar farm, 1 wizard, 6 cleric, some feats I now forgot. I wasn’t too interested, but decided to do it just to get him to shut up, lol. So, I made a human wizard/ cleric and named him “Andybot Slayer of the undead”. I ran him in Mabar a short while, then left him as a bank toon. Zilvlayna was my other, since I stopped playing her after I made Maidae.

I was running out of bank space and needed another bank toon. So, I made a path following spell caster horc fvs, and named him Mosy, the first name/ word to pop up into my head. While still on the ship, I get a tell asking for heals. Lol! My on purpose gimpy fvs? Yeah right. Some time later I still needed more bank space and made yet another bank toon, baby sister to Mosy, a path following human pm wizard, named Mosylicious. Just cause it was funny.

When I prepurchased The shadowfell conspiracy and got the bladeforged class, I of course had to try him out. I wanted to name my bladeforged “Spike”, but assumed it would be taken. So, named him Spikylicious, similar to Mosylicious. 🙂

Omg, this is getting long, and I don’t even have as many toons as some. One day I put up an lfm, that I wanted to trade my ee +3 cha blue dragonhelm for an ee +3 wis blue dragonhelm. I had seen people do this before, and it wasn’t a random item either, it was a rare item. Suddenly I get disconnected, and when I try to log back on, my account has been suspended. I get an email saying that I had failed to take the lfm down on dm’s request and because of it my account has been suspended for 3 days. I send in 2 tickets, then create an alternate account so I can log in and tell people what happened. I was furious,  and I wanted to name my toon Evil Bitch, but didn’t dare, so decided to go with Evilynn from He-Man. It was taken, so added an extra n to the end and named her Evilynnn Thazs Alt. I played her almost to lvl 3, before my main account was opened again (2-3h later). Turbine admitted to have acted wrongly by kicking me without any warning (but they didn’t reimburse me, meh).

I currently have 12 toons, 2 accounts, on 2 servers. Out of these toons, 3 have a surname, the rest don’t. I have been thinking about giving Thazara and Cerge a surname, but I do not know what name would give Thaz justice. I call Cerge “The vibrator”. Logic: robot – vibrator, the vibrator. Of course, seeing as it may class as a profanity, turbine would probably not let me name him that. Oh, and if you count toons I listed, I created a copy of Spikylicious on Cannith, to be a bank toon there, while I have deleted Ajhalanda.

Sorry about the long post, Micki can’t write short, lol.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful rest of the day.

P.S. Check out the sticky posts for my played toons’ stories, or the characters page for a short introduction.


8 comments on “Naming toons

  1. she is…and we all know it 😛
    Seriously though, don’t add surnames to your toons. I’m begging you!
    Especially, don’t buy the Name Change token to do that! TR name wings don’t look as hawt if there is a surname 😀

    PS.: From Russia with Love ❤

  2. My current main is a 25th level Monk with far too many hit points on Sarlona named Regtur Edisnori. Regtur is Rutger Hauer’s first name reversed and Edisnori is Michael Ironside’s last name reversed. And if you don’t know who they are, I’m afraid you’re dead to me.

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