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Enjoying the Night Revels’ ambiance

One of my favorite things about Night Revels has been that the night sky follows you to the guild ship. This year, though, it didn’t which made me rather sad. Just today I noticed that if I stepped into Deleras graveyard – not the quest, and after that went back to the guild ship, I got the lovely night sky. Have a look at some of the pics below.

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Xmas plans

I decided to do something I haven’t done in a while, a spontaneous blog post about my ddo plans.

I managed to book 3 weeks off now around Xmas and New Years, and while I do plan to do some irl stuff as well, I have ddo plans.

Here’s my ddo plans or ideas for the next 3 weeks or so:

ER Thazara
Get Firetha and Millusia to 20
TR Firetha and a piker – I’m thinking Darthwolf
Gear farm for Darthpyre and Maidae
Raids (Jarvanna, Maidae or Cerge)
Play Thazmaniac and Thazara
When Thazara caps again, TR Cerge (might be after New Years)

I think that’s it, unless I’m forgetting something.
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It’s so green!

Last week Cerge and Doobrey were running the demonweb and I suddenly noticed that all the crystals and the phylactery looking things had changed color. They were now a very bright poison green. Running deathwyrm this week, I noticed the phylacteries in there have the same color. Have a look at the screenshots.

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Walking on lava

On Saturday during raids 170 we wanted to test if you could survive on the rocks below in Too Hot to handle. While Osi was testing divine intervention, I found that in your ghost form, you not only could run on lava, you were running in the air above it.

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Snow, snow everywhere

This is another thing I haven’t bothered to wonder much about, I’ve just noticed that it snows in some places in game during the winter games. Eveningstar is all blue, while it snows in harbor. My guildie said that he thinks the weather effect is tied to the player and doesn’t get cleared when you move from area to area, that’s why you sometimes have snow and sometimes not. I noticed that if I moved from harbor to my guild ship or to market, Gianthold, etc, the snowing effect stayed – just for me though. If I on the other hand moved from Eveningstar to my guild ship, I had the blue Eveningstar effect, but no snow. Check out some screenshots below.

It’s snowing on my guild ship
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Polar bear and snowmen

I haven’t been active in the DDO winter games, as I don’t really enjoy them. I bought the skates in the DDO store for I think 20 points the first time the sports came around, but except for trying them once or twice I mostly ignore them. When I started playing, the games were only in harbor, later they were added to Eveningstar as well, and a chance to earn a polar bear cosmetic pet. Near the racing area there has as far as I can remember always been the two snowmen and the polar bear cub – I don’t remember if he was always dancing. This year I spotted another cub near the entrance to King’s Forest and later another one on the way to the bridge to Storm Horns and Thunderholme. Check out the screenhots below.

This polar bear and the two snowmen are the ones I remember as the first ones. I haven’t paid attention to if anything has changed about them.
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Farming Memoirs

I recently heard of the +2 reaper helm that gives a +2 bonus to all ability stats. With the +10 loot bonus last weekend I bought some treasure bonus pots and headed into memoirs to do some loot farming (I wanted a circlet with the +2 bonus). I started out running Thazara on R1 and after ransacking her, I switched to Cerge and ran R2. The first 2-3 runs I logged the pikers (alts) off inside the quest, but then I just parked them outside and entered to loot.

After the first two runs I started bringing a hireling to heal me during the boss fights. It was a lot less stressful when I could stand there attacking the boss with the hireling throwing heals at me, rather than me having to constantly keep myself healed. Thazara’s aura was not enough when the boss would hit me for ~200 per hit. Have a look at some of the screenshots.

One of the champion chests ended up in the ground, and I just couldn’t loot it.
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The standing stone

If you watched Cordovan’s live stream about Borderlands, you know they placed a standing stone (cause Standing stone games) tree in the wilderness. I found it 🙂

I’m sure many of you have already spotted the tree, I just though it was a fun detail.

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The Anniversary Bundle

I have a thing for bank space. I have more alts that are bank alts than I have alts that I play, I’ve upgraded the played chars inventories and character banks and I’ve fully upgraded both shared bank and mats bank. I was hoping to add another 10 slots to my shared bank when I realized the only way for me to do so would be to buy the 10th Anniversary of Free to Play Launch Bundle. The bundle consists of 10 additional shared bank slots, a supreme +8 tome of ability and a heart of blood. I didn’t need the heart and I hadn’t intended to get a +8 tome, but since I had the points saved up, and the bundle price was less than what the shared bank and the tome would cost at a normal discount – I decided to buy it.

I decided to use the tome on Thazmaniac – since she didn’t have any higher level tomes and she is currently played in epics. Check out the video if you like.

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P.S. The max shared bank slots is 250 without the bundle and 260 with.