Maidae update: A New Invasion

Maidae is my first TR and she is currently on her second life as a monk, at lvl 21.  Last life I TR’d at 20, so I never unlocked the ED’s or flagged for ToD. Grim has been running with me/ helping me flag, and we left A New Invasion until last, as it’s the most difficult one. Not the quest itself, but the end fight. I lfm’d and we got a rogue and an arti, and used 2 hirelings. I lfm’d for “ip, send tell, heals + caster”. As I got a tell from a healer, we lag froze, and before I was able to get a reply to him, he had logged off. We restarted and got a wizard as an addition to the party. Second time went a lot better, and we got to the end fight with good time left on the clock. I figure we might just as well all go in, but it didn’t go so well. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Boss reset. and again. Wizard wanted to try and solo, as we didn’t do so well as a group, and we let him. Ding. Wizard dead. He said he didn’t have time for more, and left.  I should point out that we were running elite on level, so the highest level char was 21.

But, I did have a backup plan. As I knew there would be no way for us to finish the boss fight without a caster, I sent Demonnibler a “help” (a little while earlier I had told him that we’re gonna try, and if we fail he’s my backup, lol). Of course, I asked the party if it was ok that I bring in a lvl 25. I wasn’t quite sure if it was, but I explained “there’s no way we’re gonna be able to finish with the current party”. Demon hurries there and joins us as there’s 30 minutes left on the clock. First try he almost makes it, then makes a fatal mistake and ding!. I ask if I may jump down and “watch”, and I do on the second try. Demon’s doing well, I stop to take a screen shot and get blown up. I raise and jump back down and this time I even help a little, lol. Even with Demon’s help I got just over 19k xp from the run.

Picture time!

As I was waiting for Demon, I jumped down to get a few pics 🙂

As I was waiting for Demon, I jumped down to get a few pics 🙂

The dreadful hole…

The screen shot that killed me

Maidae helping Demon. A short while after this we finished 🙂 (or he finished it for us, lol)

I made Maidae her boots last week, so as soon as I pick up ToD, she is flagged for it, yay! I’m excited to see how she’ll do.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.


5 comments on “Maidae update: A New Invasion

  1. Gratz on flagging!
    That’s a nasty fight that requires timing. On lower difficulties, it’s often better for one person to enter and fight, either ranged or stick-and-move melee. With LOTS of healing and de-cursing options.

    • 🙂 ty. ToD is one raid I was sort of made to lead on my 3rd? Run of it, lol. You learn a lot when u’re in charge of getting the party through. For example, never run ToD without an able shadow tank… well except u got awesome dps and healers who can heal through the shadow damage. But usually more than one shadow up on the melees is more than the party can take. With the ED’s and stuff, having a real tank for the bosses isn’t that important anymore, but the shadows are still fatal.

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