Cerge update: lvl 4

Cerge is my 2nd TR and is currently on his second life, this time as a rogue/ wizard. He does very well on traps atm, while his spell dc is pretty low (at 1rogue/ 3 wiz). This week we did habor and market lvl 2’s, then a few lvl 3’s.  Here’s the pics I managed/ remembered to take 😛

Cerge did ok in The swiped signed, managed to get a bit past the shrine before he died 😛


We had a lot more problems in Where the smoke’s at…


Ty for reading and remember to have fun 🙂

5 comments on “Cerge update: lvl 4

    • The swiped signet is a pug nightmare 🙂 I’ve pugged it a few times, and usually I manage a lot better solo. Usually it’s the amount of mobs, casters + archers. This time the sleetstorm + mobs got us in one of the rooms after the shrine. Luckily the monk made it to the shrine.

  1. Yeh without shield spell or clickly the magic missile from the casters are pretty nasty, also like that in proof is in the poison, i always make sure i have mine with me

    Sleetstorm like you said can suck too lol

    • 🙂 We usually have the first real problem on the ramp, as we usually get sleet storm right there. This time, though, the monk dropped on the ramp, while I only got hit with sleet storm on top of the ramp, and managed to get up and take out the archers and open the way to the shrine. But later on, lying on my back in sleet storm was too much. 🙂 For all of us. And Cerge is so so slow. lol

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