Favor crazy

As some of you that’ve run with me know, one of my goals with Thazara has been to collect all the favor I can in game, and because of it I will never TR her. Tonight I ran the U18 quests on elite and am back to having run all the quests in game, almost all on elite (only missing FoT, MA and LoB). So… I took screen shots of her whole favor/ quest list, and if anyone would like to see, here it is (see gallery below):

It has taken me 22 months to collect that amount of favor, since I do not solely run Thazara, but currently run 5 toons weekly. I have also not actively been collecting favor either, I’ve been running raids and doing some farming too.

Most of the epic elites were run on the old epic system, i.e when epics didn’t have difficulties. The epic elites I’ve run on the new system are the U14-U17 ones and the VON raid.

Ty for looking/ reading and happy questing.


10 comments on “Favor crazy

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you. I’ve been meaning to make a post like this for a while, but wanted to get my favor collecting done first. We’ll see if I manage to get FoT, LoB and MA done before the expansion is out. I got tired of running challenges, so will probably not be milking the last favor out of them.

  1. I haven’t ran with Thaz either and I knew about you collecting all favor : D

    I wonder what will be the ??? once you can get 5k favor in game. I don’t think there are plans for that yet, right?

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