EE FoT U19 Completed

Finally. One of the raids I have been waiting to get an EE completion on, is FoT. FoT has changed with the updates and patches. FoT U17.1, was a whole different story than FoT U17. Before patch 17.1, there was no boom, and people were farming comms in 10 min or less on EH. Then they released U17.1, and suddenly you needed tactics to complete it. People adjusted, created tactics and started completing it again in ~10 min on EH. Then U19 was released and they added yet another little thing to it, a new objective called “Do not abandon the Stormreaver”. Currently the dialog in the raid is bugged and all you will hear is something like “the stormreaver cannot face.. alone”. Anywho, I have not tested this yest, but as I understood it from this thread: the raid will fail if you are not helping the SR enough, I am assuming that means if he dies.

So, yesterday after static night on Cannith I logged on Orien to join Matrix’s FoT raids. As I’m waiting for the second run to start, I get a tell from Demonnibler saying that they’re planning an ee FoT run in 1-2h. I make sure the raid bypasses are working (basically I ask Godscraft if they’re working and he confirms that yes they are), then tell Demon I’d like to run (on Thazara, as she’s my best toon, and I still wanted the ee completion on her). I get a reply that they’re thinking about it, or something like that, but I get a yes, and join the group. Then I sit there waiting for a good while before we actually decide to go.

Since U19, I’ve been running Thazara in Shiradi ED, it’s her main atm. Her spells crit for 1.5-2.5k. She’s 715hp and just over 2500sp unbuffed in shiradi. But for this, I want the extra hp and and elemental absorption etc that Unyielding Sentinel offers. So I twist in cocoon and switch to US. Thazara’s hp is now 948, and sp just over 2400. We buff and Vaelani goes through the tactics. The plan is to let the SR tank the black dragon, while all the other bosses will have one person assigned as kiter/ tank. Everyone else will be on trash and helping on dps. We’re also told to stay cool and don’t worry about deaths. I say hmm… well, if you die, you have a 2 min death timer, so of course your death will matter, but anywho. We enter and buff, and with primal scream Thazara has over 1k hp. My first life caster cleric has over 1k hp in sentinel. Woop woop.

We drop, people spread out and grab their assigned boss and we prep them and kill them one pair at a time, everything’s good. I’m testing the level 28 ED feat “Forced escape” and am really liking it. For 33sp, it’s an aoe spell that hits for over 1k if the mob does not save, half of that if they do. Save is fortitude 20+ wisdom modifier, which means 35 for Thazara. Could be higher, but I still did some nice damage with it in ee FoT. Someone says “We’re doing good so far”, and I reply “I think it’s a bit early to say that. I do not have an ee completion, but when I’ve been in on ee, we were fine til we took out the crystal. Then everyone died.”. While we are prepping and killing the pairs, we do see the SR’s hp get a bit low, but he’s a CR63 guy on ee, so we never see his hp drop below 20-30%. Take out the crystal, we have SR tank ready and rest of party ready at other end.

As the dialog ends, SR turns and infects the party with boom. I see 3-2-1-BOOM ticking on my screen and quickly put on my pale lavender and throw heal and cocoon at boom. I’m at around 50 reflex with my buffs, but on third or forth boom, I drop. As did about half the party. I believe we had only 3 people alive after everyone was boomed – SR tank and 2 people kiting. I might be remembering wrong, but anywho. Slowly we got back up, and back to TO. The plan is to have one assigned person kite him in one area while the rest help dps. As kiter is bringing him closer to us, I decide to get out of the way and as I’m running to the side, TO turns his head and blasts me. Thaz dead again. After I get up I buff, and spend the rest of the raid staying out of the way of TO, killing trash when I can reach it, and raising people. I mostly use bursts, implosion and forced escape for trash, so I need to be in the middle of it to be able to reach them.

The undead dragons spawn and we have kiter and 2 backups. We end up needing all, as things are a bit crazy with undeads running around and TO running around. I try to stay out of the way of all, and at one point I end up surrounded by trash, with many people dead. I try my best to kill them with my aoes (I completely forgot that I have blade barrier so didn’t use it), but end up kiting most of it while I’m waiting for death timers to end, after which I raise some people to help me with trash. I am also keeping a constant eye on the party’s hps and am throwing cocoon at the kiters ever so often (damn long cool down on cocoon, though). Slowly but safely the SR’s and TO’s hps are going down. The SR runs off a couple of times when the tank gets air-born, but I don’t think anyone got boomed and the tank got him back quickly enough. We prep the pair well, kill and completion! Yay! After the pair goes down we get boomed and half the party dies again, so we wait out timers before loot. And get a few screenies. 🙂

Check out the quest report below. I even killed 3 mobs! XD lol

🙂 I thought it was a good, fun run, and I only used 1 pot total. Well, and a few res scrolls. Thanks guys for letting me tag along, and see you next time.

Peace out.

P.S. Thazara is now only missing MA and LoB on elite, and maybe some favor from challenges. She’s sitting on 4863 favor if I’m not remembering wrong as I post this.


5 comments on “EE FoT U19 Completed

    • 🙂 Thank you.

      Teehee. Plan with Thaz has always been to see how far I can take her without TR (and to collect all the favor I can). Cove spring 2012 I was told that I’ll never be allowed into high level raids for being melee fallback….

  1. We reran this raid on ee on Saturday and completed it in less time with 2 less deaths. 🙂 Also, this time I survived boom every time I got boomed, while TO killed me twice with his breaths.

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