1st of May

In Finland (and probably several other countries) the 1st of May is a national holiday, e.i. a day off from work 🙂 How did I spend my day off? Well playing DDO of course. Went out partying the day before, and today I just didn’t feel like doing anything constructive (unless you consider running CC constructive). 🙂 Logged on to find some people running CC lvl 20, and decided to join. We did a bit of Cannith slayer (nom nom stuff in there) in between and of course Smuggler’s Rest slayer, did a few lvl 16 smash runs (4 mins killing stuff for gems, then out to do full run on 20) and then a bunch of lvl 20 runs. Maps were being collected very slowly, so in 8 h I only did 8? runs, I think, and I think 2 of them didn’t make optional quota.

Thaz died a bunch of times as well. I stayed in center, doing my best at protecting base, but Jack + a bunch of hobgoblins are just a bit too much for Thaz to handle solo, and in one run Jack kept throwing energy drain at me. 17 neg levels and 50 hp before I dropped. 🙂

Stuff I got:

– The Dread Admiral’s Tricorne (hat) x 3 (one each for Thaz, Maidae and Cerge)
Thaz: Healing aura II, Concentration +15, Archmagi
Maidae & Cerge: one got Entropic Aura, the other Defensive Aura, II (if I now remember correctly)
– Epic Brigand’s Cutlass (Scimitar) (Thaz proficient through Follower of the Undying Court)
– Epic Swashbuckler (Light)
– Epic Ornamented Dagger tier 2

I would like a dagger for Cerge as well (level 8 maybe?), and the gloves for Maidae (lvl 12), but that means I have to run lower level CC for the gems, which I’m not too keen on 🙂

Oh, and I decided to skip running Spinner of Shadows on level, and jumped Thaz to 20 (I figured there was really no reason to stay on 19 since Thaz is capped)

I was running around Smuggler’s Rest meleing using the scimitar and buckler and loving it 🙂 Suddenly Thaz’s melee had some power. Some melee, some energy drain and implosion, some dp. 🙂 And of course aura, bursts, divine favor and divine power.

I also now have the tapestries for minos, but I’m not sure I want to get minos for Thaz. Minos would mean not being able to use the new hat. Maybe I should get minos for one of the other chars? I could farm Litany for the Electric Haze belt to save up a space. And once I start running Shroud I have to start thinking green steel 🙂

Ok, just an update from Thaz. See you around Orien.

P.S. I’ll probably do a few more CC runs still today

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