GH Tor revisited

At some point I decided I wanted the blue dragonscale robe for Thazara, and in April I was farming for it (see Dragonscales farming). I must have run it at least 10 times, and only managed to collect a few scales, the rest I traded for or was given (I was running on normal as elite was very hard). A couple of days ago I was told that the drop rate in Tor has changed, that now, if you run elite, every player pulls 2-3 scales per dragon. And that named items drop better as well. This was proven tonight as I made 14 white, 14 blue and 14 black in 5 runs. I also picked up a bunch of named items and 3 dragon blood.


🙂 Ironically, I was told that it’s hard to find ppl to run Tor, but I had no problem getting ppl. I would just start when I was ready and let ppl join IP when ever. The first run we duo’d the main quest and were joined by a few more ppl for the dragons. I could be wrong, but I think you need to be at least 2 people to awaken the gatekeeper. A hireling would most likely not stay put to keep the walls up.

Ty for reading and happy farming. 🙂

9 comments on “GH Tor revisited

  1. I’ve solo’d that more times than I’ve been in a group. Just make the hire invisible, passive and sit him. He may still get killed, but his Soul Stone holds the square just as easily as when he is alive…or she, as the case may be.

  2. 🙂 oh, cool. Then I know how to do it if I don’t manage to get anyone to help out. Of course, I would get frustrated fighting the dragons solo, though… cause it would take too long.

  3. Yay Micki! Indeed they pushed it up to 1-2-3 scales per n-h-e or so I heard. I never done it after the update but I see lfms for scale farms at least once per my gaming session 🙂

  4. It is totally soloable with a hire or dog. key is Soul stones don’t move but count for being in the box. Your welcome.

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