Current plans

I’ve been playing this game for a while, and I have had plans for most of my characters from the beginning. Some of the plans have changed along the way, some haven’t changed much. Check out my characters page for current info. Check out my reincarnation mapping for more info about my chars’ reincarnations. Here is the current list of plans:

Thazara still wants to collect all the favor from everything in game. The goal is to eventually do all the remaining raids on at least elite. I also want to get T all the epic past lives, but it’s been going slow as she’s also the main raider, the char I feel the most comfortable on running raids. She’s somewhat versatile being a light spammer healer with turn undead check maxed out with gear. Light spell power over 800 and a max evocation dc of 93 (with gear swap). Thazara is the char with the most gear swaps as I use different gear in different raids.

Maidae is supposed to be a monk, but is also collecting past lives. She’s currently on her third fighter life and will do 3x paladin next for more heal amp. Since I switched from bow to crossbow and from AA to inquisitive and shiradi, I’m really enjoying playing this char and she’s the char I play the most when not raiding. End goal is to end up as a handwraps monk again.

Cerge’s goal is still completionist. But, as I like to keep two characters capped, when Maidae is reincarnating, Cerge is running raids. Cerge is on his 9th life and 9th class, which means he has 5 classes left to go before completionist. I’m expecting this to be 6, though, as we’ve been promised a new class this year. Cerge is also doing epic lives between TRs and is currently enjoying being an inquisitive trapper. Next life I expect he’ll be a similar build, except have rogue as his main class instead of artificer.

Firetha is supposed to be on a TR train, gaining heroic past lives. I made a barbarian on an alt account to help her out and then was asked to bring Darth’s lowbie warlock along at lvl 9. The problem was that I really do not enjoying playing this, so I left her in heroics for 3 years. I just capped the trio some weeks ago, and currently she’s waiting for Darthpyre to finish his EDs. The next plan is to do 3x fvs.

Jarvanna is the char I play when running with my static group, about once a week. She’s on her third life as a druid and this life she is a caster healer with focus on healing and cc. I don’t have any future plan for her, but I might decide to do some racial past lives and stick to druid.

I had this name saved for years and when tiefling was released I knew I wanted Thazmaniac to be a warlock tiefling. She’s currently working on her EDs and after that I’m going to do tiefling racial lives on her. After that I don’t have any specific plans.

Judet is on a different account and she was a build that I felt I couldn’t play at all. So I bought the account warlock and TRd into a human warlock. Judet also runs with the static group and is working on her EDs. I intend to leave her at cap once she’s done.

Darthpyre has 19 past lives under his belt and he’s the character I picked to turn into a tank. I wanted a self healing tank, so I decided to make a cleric. Darthpyre is working on capping his EDs, and I plan to bring him along when I TR Firetha.

That is all for my current plans. I have a bunch of alts on alt accounts that I mainly log for multiboxing, but I don’t have any real plans for them.
Thank you for stopping by.

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