Jarvanna’s gear post U48

I’ve been working on updating my caster druid and making her more druid and less of a divine copy (I have had a habit of playing her similar to my cleric). In doing this I wanted to redo her gearset with Feywild gear, to make her over all better. I also switched ED and changed her enhancements – but these aren’t quite done yet. I did want to share my current gear setup, though. Here it is. Note, this is Jarvanna 3.0.

Goggles: Legendary Collective Sight, Wisdom +21, Insightful Wisdom +10, augment: Esoterica (3 Pieces Equipped: +4 Artifact Bonus to all Spell DCs)
Head: Legendary Crown of Snow (Winter), augment: Diamond of Strength +11
Neck: Legendary Winter Court Necklace (Winter), augment: Diamond of Dexterity +11
Trinket: Bottled Rainstorm (Autumn), augment: Topaz of Greater Transmutation
Armor: Cladding of Dead Leaves (Autumn), augment: Essence of the Epic Litany of the Dead
Cloak: Legendary Cloak of Autumn (Autumn), augment: (empty)
Bracers: Legendary Levik’s Bracers, augments: Diamond of Festive Wisdom +2, Esoterica
Belt: Strap of Autumn Leaves (Autumn + Winter), artifact, augments: Globe of True Emperial Blood, Sapphire of Spell Agility +15, Topaz of Deathblock
Ring 1: Legendary Omniscience, augments: Topaz of Greater Evocation, Esoterica
Boots: Legendary Deepsnow Boots (Winter), augment: Topaz of Blindness Immunity
Gloves: Legendary Deadringers (Autumn), augment: Topaz of Fear Immunity
Ring 2: Circle of Malevolence
Main hand: The Legendary Queen’s Sceptre
Main hand (option): Legendary Malleable Sceptre of Devotion
Offhand: I don’t have this item yet, but the plan is: Legendary Solid Sound with quality wisdom +5
Offhand (option): Legendary Malleable Sceptre of Devotion

I also use Staff of the Summer Solstice for temporary hp.

I am still not set on my enhancements, filigrees (I have some slotted but these are bound to change) or ED, so I will post these later.

That’s all for now.
Thank you for stopping by.

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