Raids week 123

Raids 123 was May 11, 2019.

1. Old Baba’s Hut R1
Shamblertank: Erofentank. I assumed Osi would kite red crows in the outside area, but when he didn’t I tried to. Died when I got hut aggro while kiting crows. Split for sides: Left: Papewaiio, Deviltoy, Minnimi, Titusovid, Osiride, Mintcake. Right: Thazara, Erofentank, Tahlua, Goreofwar, Leolion and Torimi. Completion time: 40 minutes, 34 seconds. Loot: 125 hut runes, 24 threads of fate and Savior, the Breaker of Chains.

2. The Curse of Strahd R1
We had intended to do Killing time after Baba’s, but since Erifen was on timer for 20 min more and therefor couldn’t tank, we switched to doing strahd first. Devil was replaced by Lubash and Symbull joined instead of Minnimi. Strahd tank: Erofen, birdes tank: Osiride. I carried one trinket, don’t remember who took the other. Tahlua carried the sunsword again, which I picked up after the heart fight. Some deaths in the heart fight, doors part was quick and easy and the end fight was somewhat smooth. Completion time: 36 min, 6 seconds. Loot: 125 strahd runes, 26 threads of fate, Spiral, the Voice of the Elements, Storm in a Bottle, Flow, the Piercer of Hearts, Platemail of Strahd and Nocturne, the Song of Night.

3. Killing Time LH
Dragon tank: Erofen, shadow kiter; Osiride. Nyt tank: Tahlua. I died at least once from a parasite, but felt like I was playing better than last week. Completion time: 38 minutes, 33 seconds. Loot: 84 time runes, 24 threads of fate, Wind Howler Mask and at least one schism.

4. Legendary Temptest’s Spine R2
I asked the party what they wanted to run and someone said LTS. Since it’s been a while since I ran it and it is rather quick I was down for it. Someone asked if we have int and str and I replied ‘I can do int and Tahlua str’. The int requirement is only 50, and since ravenloft Thaz wears the int cloak from there (adds to spellcraft which adds among other things light spell power). The run was quick without to many deaths and even the end fight progressed without constant dying. We waited at the start for most to make it in before starting. Completion time 13 minutes, 19 seconds. Loot: 125 Tempest runes, 19 threads of fate and Breastplate of the Celestial Avenger.

5. Defiler of the Just R1
I asked the party what they wanted to run and someone said doj. I was good with that and we made our way there. I posted on the lfm since we weren’t full and someone joined only to realise they weren’t flagged. Since everyone was already in, I let Osi bring an alt instead of waiting for another player. The extra 10 minutes in the completion time is from waiting at the start- Completion time: 31 minutes, 1 second. Loot: 125 Defiler runes, 14 threads of fate, Resonation, Strange Tidings, Ultimatum x2, Gauntlets of the Arcane Soldier and Many-Hooked Greaves.

6. The Mark of Death EE
I was down for doing one more quick raid and mod was chosen. Since we weren’t full I felt we should do elite instead of reaper. I got volunteers for doing sides and suggested someone (who wanted to) takes the goggles. The beholders bothered me a little and we ha some deaths, but over all it the raid felt quick and easy. Completion time: 14 minutes, 48 seconds. Loot: 125 Death runes, 13 threads of fate, Circle of Malevolence, Shroud of Ardent and Knives Eternal.

That’s all for raids 123.
Until the next raids.


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