Raids week 49

Raids week 49 was last week. Since Sweden had already switched to winter time, but the US hadn’t, I posted normal time according to my time, but in the US it was one hour later. The Night Revels was still active, but since I was done farming for the time being, I only logged for raids. About 20 min after posting for TS we were 11, and I suggested we start. Before getting to fire and ice we had a full party. This run was pretty smooth, I didn’t die in fire & ice and the raid progressed nicely. We had a few deaths, but since I managed to stay alive this run, they’re not in the experience report. Sor’jek didn’t rest, but I felt we had a bit less dps than last week. The raid finished in 24 minutes.

Then off to RSO.  I didn’t want to wait too long to fill, so when we were 11, I suggested we start. I had some first timers or people who hadn’t run it much, so normal was the chosen difficulty. There were some deaths, but less than I had expected. The group stayed somewhat well together and followed instructions. The raid finished in 32 min. Cobalt Guard boots dropped in my name and then someone passed me Guided Sight and told me I could keep it. I hesitated looting two items, but as they both fit my build right now, and since I have been running this raid a lot and usually passing on any items that dropped, I felt it would be silly not to loot them.

I was asked what raids I was going to post for, and I said that it was up to the party, but I could do a shroud. I got one of two votes for shroud, so I posted for it. A few people changed characters, but most of the party stayed and it didn’t take long for us to be ready to start. The run was quick and easy, but looking at the quest report I died 3 times. One of those was to the rainbow in part 3, I think the other two were in part 5. We finished the run in 35 minutes.

Someone was asking if I was planning to do a defiler run, and I figured why not. I don’t mind this raid. I waited til were were almost full before starting. One player asked if he could pike the run, and I said sure. We were running hard, so I didn’t expect any problem shot manning. Most of the run was quick and easy, but at one part I ended up solo on an executioner, and even though I called for help, it took too long for help to get to me, so we failed to rescue the archon. Getting to the end fight, before I even get to the gate, someone had stepped in or too close to the gate and the end fight activated. I told people to ignore the snake and focus on the boss, the boss activated when the snake was at maybe 50% and I didn’t want her to start throwing bombardment at us. We finished just as she was about to do bombardment. The run took 22 minutes.

Next I wanted to do Fire on Thunder Peak. Most of the party left after Defiler, and after having had the post up for about 30 min with almost no joiners, someone asked how many people we need for a normal run. I told them we could do with the group we had (I remember 2-manning this raid on normal once before). We were 5, got a 6th before starting. I know normal is easy, but I was surprised at how quick and easy this run turned out to be. The mobs hp were just disappearing and the dragons caught on fire. In 10 min we had completed. It took a little while for the chest to spawn, so I was worried it wouldn’t.

As a last raid I wanted to do FoT. I posted for EE, but after waiting 20 min, the party was tired of waiting, so I decided to do short man hard. I considered giving EE a try, but since someone said they didn’t want to rerun if we failed, I picked hard. I realised you can 1. hurt TO already at the start and 2. dps TO from the moment he comes down, and he doesn’t regen his hp. We had the undead dragons spawn before the crystal went down. The rest of it was a bunch of kiting around, but no real difficulties. We finished in 6 minutes.

That’s all the raids for this time.
Until tonight.

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